What is Deco Pic on Samsung?


Samsung is a Korea-based electronic company that is also the biggest electronic producer in the world. The electronic company is very successful in mobile business divided into A to M series and ranges from extravagant to affordable according to their buyer’s choice. The mobile company is widely popular and sells over 300 million mobile devices annually.

The newly launched Galaxy series phone has many new updates and exciting features added to Android 12. One of the most anticipated updates in Galaxy models is the phantom icon built-in app appearing on the home Screen named DECO Pic. If you were also curious about the new built-in app added to your S22 and tab S8 phone, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss What is Deco Pic on Samsung?

deco pic

What is DECO PIC?

DECO PIC is a built-in app officially introduced in the S22 and tab S8 by the Samsung team. The app is a creative camera tool that offers a set of new backgrounds, frames, and effects to create fun-loving pictures for their social media.

The app is an extra camera mode available in the S series devices and is added as a shortcut to your home screen so that its user makes funny photos, videos, live stickers, masks, and frames. The built-in can also be accessed from inside the Camera app, selecting the AR Zone option.

deco pic

DECO PIC Settings:

Following is the setting available for the DECO PIC:

DECO PIC Permission Required:

Following are the permission required to use DECO PIC in your Galaxy series phone:

DECO PIC Features:

DECO Pic is a creative camera tool that has many new exciting features to make your video and pictures fun and exciting. Following are the features offered by the DECO PIC in the Samsung Galaxy series:

deco pic


The DECO Pic app offers many moving GIF stickers that can be applied to your pictures. The user can enjoy the GIFs feature by entering the search terms, and matched GIF images are retrieved.


The Deco Pic also offers a unique mask feature that can be applied to your face. The mask feature has many interesting effects that can be used according to facial expressions.


The app also offers many fun, unique, beautiful frames to decorate pictures.


The app also has unique stamps to decorate your pictures with various vintage letter styles.

View More:

The app also has to View More features that help its user to search for more recent stickers on the Galaxy store that can be downloaded.

How to disable DECO PIC?

Following is the step-by-step tutorial to disable DECO PIC on your S22 and tab S8series device:

disable DECO PIC

disable DECO PIC

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about What Deco Pic is on Samsung:

Q1: What is Deco Pic on Samsung?

Ans: Deco Pic is a built-in app officially in its mobile series introduced by the Samsung team.

Q2:Which series of Samsung was DECO PIC added?

Ans: Deco Pic has been added into the S22 and tab S8 as a recent update.

Q3: Where is the DECO PIC located?

Ans: Deco Pic is a shortcut default Camera app for your Galaxy phone home screen.


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