Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant – OMG, It’s Real!


Internet storms can be unstoppable at times; with news leaks and the era of fast information disintegration, something like that appears to have happened to the Samsung alleged Virtual Assistant SAM. Sam took the internet by storm when the AI representation of this virtual assistant became viral.

The fun fact about this virtual assistant is, unlike the existing virtual assistants, SAM has an amazing Three-Dimensional (3D) version with a cool appearance. The visuals of this Virtual assistant went viral minutes after it was posted (now deleted post).

The online community around the globe reacted surprisingly to this new 3D Virtual Assistant and welcomed it warmly.

samsung sam

What is Sam, Samsung Virtual Assistant?

The current and official virtual assistant of Samsung is Bixby, but leaked images of SAM turned into an internet frenzy. The complete name of this AI Virtual Assistant is said to be Samantha Samsung, holding a 3D aesthetic visual appeal just like a Pixar movie character.

The pictures of Sam were posted by Lightfarm company, which has a well-known reputation for its visual arts productions and projects. It created a frenzy among Samsung users, but later on, the images were deleted from the page and now can only be found in the web archives of the designated website.

With all that response from the Samsung users, it turned out that Sam is not the actual functioning Virtual Assistant for Samsung and is also not part of any future plans. Rather, Sam is part of a project which was rejected and erased.

According to the reports, Lightfarm created this AI vision of Samsung’s virtual assistant, but the AI version was not integrated into any project or campaign at that time and was rejected.

The currently functional Virtual Assistant for Samsung is Bixby which comes with many amazing features giving tough competition to its other competitors like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa, among others.

Sam’s existence right now is nothing more than a library of 3D character images of a female who is witty, entertaining, and has a great command of using Samsung products of different natures.

What else do we Know about Sam, Samsung Virtual Assistant?

According to the reports, these 3D images were created by Lightfarm, a Brazilian-based company, in association with Samsung-owned company Cheil. The concept behind designing this character was to present an idea about how a human form of a virtual assistant can look or appear on screens. This 3D concept virtual assistant was not meant to be released or used for any company campaigns.

Lightfarm when posted the 3D version of AI Virtual Assistant, which came out from a whole redesigning of an existing 2D model of this concept. It spread among users like a forest fire, and even after its emergency deletion, it stayed in the users’ minds who wanted this 3D assistant to be part of the Samsung system.

Samantha Samsung, also known as Sam, has a bob haircut, enticing blue eyes, and a great sense of humor, and she is apt at using Samsung products. But sadly, it is not an operational Virtual Assistant of Samsung, not now at least.

Samsung is still using Bixby as its latest and upgraded version of Virtual assistant around the globe with amazing and distinguishing features.


The following are the frequently asked questions about SAM, the Samsung Virtual Assistant:

Q1: Is Sam expected to be the Virtual Assistant for Samsung?

Ans: Bixby is the current virtual assistant for Samsung and there is no news being announced as yet about whether Sam being incorporated shortly or not.

Q2: Does Samsung owns Samantha Samsung?

Ans: To date, Samsung has not announced or released any statement regarding the existence or ownership of Samantha Samsung.

Q3: Who created the 3D version of Sam, the Samsung Virtual Assistant?

Ans: A Brazilian-based visual arts production company known as Lightfarm, which is well renowned and acknowledged by Cannes, recreated the 3D version of Sam from its 2D Model.


Sam, the Samsung virtual assistant’s images were well received by Samsung users around the globe. The 3D AI assistant is a female with short hair, a witty mood, and the capacity to use Samsung products with command. Samsung has not yet announced its incorporation. But it has been told that it is a part of a rejected project.

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