How to Invert Colors on an Image on iPhone


Apple introduced iPhones in 2007, along with an iOS operating system as its software interface. iPhones come in 4 series. These series are termed as; basic, mini, pro, and pro max, with minor variations in their overall system.

The latest model of the iPhone i13 has a 6.1-inch display, a 19-hour video playback backup, and a high-functioning camera experience. From January 2007 to September 2021, Apple launched multiple series of mobile phones with updated iOS, display, camera, and so many more in-built variations.

iPhone Camera:

iPhone 13 has 2 camera setups. Both of these setups have 12MP lenses. But the Pro model offers 3 camera setup with a difference in optical and digital zoom. This series offers a 6x larger optical zoom, whereas the digital zoom is up to 15x, making it a huge hit.

These series also offer cinematic mode as well, which shifts focus on the subject of the image as soon as it enters the camera field view. iPhone is famously used for its high-definition camera system, which allows users to use it for clear, highly saturated image-taking options. It allows users to also take amazing photographs, which can compete with a professional camera experience.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Invert Colors on an Image in iPhone:

iPhone camera gives various image-taking options ranging from a full shot wide range of images to a portrait mode. Depending upon the light availability, it also has a night mode. This mode can capture images in less light or even at night times.

Sometimes we need a negative for an image or an inverted image as per our personal preferences. For that purpose, there are many external software that can be downloaded from iTunes and can be used for the inversion of these images. iOS also offers this mode.

Following is a step-by-side guide to invert an image on an iPhone:


Following are the most frequently asked questions about iPhone:

Q1: What is the most recent model of iPhone right now?

Ans: The most recent model available of iPhone in the market is i13 Pro max.

Q 2: What is the camera system of the iPhone 13:

Ans: i13 Pro Max has 3 camera systems with 12 Mega Pixels lenses.

Q3: Can we invert image colors on iPhone?

Ans: Yes, we can invert colors on iPhones by using image edit options.

Q4: Can the iPhone screen be inverted?

Ans: Yes, it can be inverted by going into the general settings of your phone.


iPhones are trending in the modern world. People love them for their unique features and specifications. iPhone’s cameras contain high-quality features, making them extremely tempting for buyers.

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