Google Pixelbook 12in (Chromebook Specs Explained)


Gle PixelBook 12in is a newly launched luxurious compact Chromebook edition. The chrome differs from a regular laptop because of its sleek design, work efficiency, and ultrasonic speed. Chromebooks have been in trend for a while, and the very first model of the series was launched in 2011, which was Samsung Series 5.

Google introduced a new operating system named Chrome OS for these chrome books, including cloud storage, upgraded features, and multiple thefts protecting layers. If you are also a Chromebook enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know that google has released its latest edition Gle PixelBook 12in. If you are still skeptical about whether to buy it or not then this blog will help you decide. Today we will provide you with a Gle PixelBook 12in Complete Review.

google pixelbook 12in

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Gle PixelBook 12in (Chromebook Specs Explained)

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What is Gle PixelBook 12in?

Gle PixelBook 12in is the exclusively released 7th Generation Chromebook that comes with an Intel Core I5 Processor. The Pixelbook has many updated features with 12in Touch Screen Display, a 60-Degree Hinge, 8GB Of RAM, and a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD).

Gle PixelBook 12in comes with an elegant, sleek design built and flexible touch screen display and an advanced 360-Degree Hinge that allows the device allows it, user to be used in four different modes Laptop Mode, Tablet Mode, Stand Mode, And Tent Mode. The Pixelbook is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly, upgraded with new additional features, modifications, and supersonic speed.

What is Gle PixelBook 12in?

Below is a complete guide for Gle PixelBook 12in:

Google Pixel Book 12in Specifications:

Following is the specification available in the Gle PixelBook 12in:

Google Pixel Book 12in Specifications

Sr.No Google Pixel Book 12in Specifications
Processor 7th Gen Intel Core I7 Processor
RAM 16gb RAM
SSD 512gb Storage
Battery Lasts for 10 hours and features fast-charging features
Design 4 In 1 Design
Display 360 Degree Touchscreen Display With 2400 X 1600 Resolution
OS Chrome OS
Google Assistant On a single button, plus voice command
Pen Pixelbook pen
Backup Features Automatically Google drive backup offline and online
Processor 7th Gen Intel Core I7 Processor
RAM 16gb RAM
SSD 512gb Storage

Google Pixel Book 12in Features:

Following are the features available in the Google Pixel Book 12in:

Google Pixel Book 12in Features

Sr.No Google Pixel Book 12in Features
Display IPS LCD
Feature 72 percent NTSC Colour with corning gorilla glass
Size of display 31.2 CM ( 12 Inch )
Resolution 1920*1080
Touch screen Yes
Design 360-degree flip, 4 in one us
CPU 1.3GHz
Max. Clock Speed 3.9GHz
Processor Intel Core i5 & i7 Dual-Core 7Th Gen
RAM 8GB for i5 &16 GB for i7 Processor
ROM 512 GB NVM SSD for i5 & 256 GB for i7 processor
Battery Timing Charge for 15 minutes to get up to 2 hours of use. Use the time of up to 10 hours
Power Supply Wattage 45 W charger (5 V/3 A, 9 V/3 A, 15 V/3 A, 20 V/2.25 A)
USB Two USB-Cs for charging, 4K display output and quicker data transfer, 3.5 mm headphone jack
HDMI 1 x HDMI Port
VGA 720p @ 60FPS
Audio Dual speakers for better surround sound, 4 mics for improved noise cancellation during video calls, Four Noise Cancelling Microphones
Additional Features Sensors 3-axis Gyroscope, Magnetometer

Gle PixelBook 12in Pricing:

Below are the mentioned prices available for the Gle PixelBook 12in:

Gle PixelBook 12in Review:

Gle PixelBook 12in is a remarkable and stylish device that has attracted many eyes towards it. The PixelBook is an s high-quality Chromebook that offers a sleek appearance, high performance, and extensive upgraded features has made everyone in the market curious about the device.

Below is the complete honest review of the Gle PixelBook 12in:

Gle PixelBook 12in Review


The performing ability of a device is one of the significant features every buyer looks at before buying a device. The Gle PixelBook has a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, making it a stable and work-efficient device that can handle even the most challenging tasks. The device has an enhanced storage system of 256GB SSD that allows you to store larger files and program units.

gle PixelBook’s seventh-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM make it even more efficient for providing a power pact gaming experience. The device supports most gaming files with a powerful processor and a larger storage unit to store and support large gaming files. Gle Pixelbook also comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 chip and dedicated graphics card for you to have a real-life gaming experience.


Display and Touch:

Google Pixelbook comes with an elegant 12.3-inch display and a resolution of 2400 x 1600. The device offers an intelligent, transparent display system with high resolution and vivid colors. The device provides its buyers with a multitouch display with a 12-inch laptop screen. The display screen of Pixelbook 12in produces above 421 nits of brightness, which is the best available market.

The touch system of the device is very responsive and easy to navigate around the operating system. Pixelbook 12in comes with a pressure-sensitive built-in stylus that can be used to write, draw, or take on-screen notes.

Display and Touch

Battery life:

Battery life is the most important feature that buyer looks up before buying a device. The Pixelbook offers a battery life of 12 hours to 6 hours on a single charge unit. The google developers claim Pixelbook as a travel-friendly dice that is ideal for taking long flights without charging it hours. The device’s powerful and durable battery life makes it a practical choice to put your money on.

Battery life


The pricing of the Google PixelBook is one of the drawbacks of making the device questionable for buyers. The market is flooding with the remark that prices of Pixelbook 12in are a little bit steeped. Even many tech gurus are skeptical about whether to recommend Pixel 12in or not. Google has previously introduced many budget-friendly devices like Chromebook HP Chromebook 11 (AMD), Lenovo Chromebook 3 AMD A6, Lenovo Chromebook 3, and Asus Chromebook CX1, range from $300 to $199.

PixelBook series of Google is a high-end exclusive product constructed of various top-notch materials and upgraded features with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of NVMe storage. The device offers a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, a sleek aluminum frame, Corning Gorilla Glass, and a backlit keyboard, making it a luxurious high-end product. All the inbuilt features with the latest specifications make it steeper, but it’s worth every penny.


Pros and Cons:

Below are the mentioned Pros and Cons for the Gle PixelBook 12in:

Pros and Cons

Sr.No Pros Cons
Modern Structure Unavailable Biometric Option
Lightweight Design Steep Prices
Powerful Hardware Average battery life
Durable Battery Life
Sleek Keyboard
Included Stylus Pen
Elegant and Slim Design
Excellent performance
Android Support
Stellar Display

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are FAQs about Gle PixelBook 12in Complete Review:

Q1: What is Gle PixelBook 12in?

Ans: Gle PixelBook 12in is the exclusively released 7th Generation Chromebook with Intel Core I5 Processor.

Q2: Who developed Gle PixelBook 12in?

Ans: Google Pixelbook 12in supports an operating system named Chrome OS and is developed by an American multinational technology company named Google LLC.

Q3: When was the Gle PixelBook 12in launched?

Ans: Google Pixelbook 12in was released in October of 2017.

Q4: Is Gle PixelBook 12in an extravagant purchase?

Ans: Google Pixelbook 12in pricing starts from $850 and goes up to $999, considered relatively high for a Chromebook but is quite reasonable compared to the prices of a Mac Airbook. As it features all the top-notch luxurious and high-end features.

Q5: Does Gle PixelBook 12in has a durable battery life?

Ans: Google Pixelbook 12in offers a powerful battery life of 10 hours on a single charging cell.


Google Pixelbook is an intelligent high-end device that offers a sleek appearance, high-performance components, and next-generation specifications, making it the most exclusive device on the market. Pixelbook is an excellent option for people looking for an intelligent device that offers multiple modes and durable battery life.

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