Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones are loved by many people across the globe for their spectacular features. These features include a 6-inch OLED screen, an excellent 12-megapixel camera and aesthetic looks. However, there is one thing that the users of these phones have been complaining about. That is the problem of no microSD memory card support.

For example, if you download or capture too many videos and have a lot of applications on your smartphone, your Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL might fill up its storage space in no time. Thankfully, this blog will offer some solutions for managing this issue by letting you know various ways to expand your phone’s memory storage.

USB Type-C Drives:

There are external Type-C USB drives which can easily be used to free up storage space on your smartphones. You need to plug in these USB Type-C drives to your smartphones through their charging port and transfer all your valuable files, photos and videos on these devices. This will, in turn, free up all the space you need to have in your phone.

WiFi Drives:

If you are looking for a more convenient solution than the cabled drive, you could also try using the wireless streaming from a WiFi-ready hard drive. With these drives, you can easily carry a great collection of music and movies to share between two or more users simultaneously.

MicroSD Memory Card Adapters:

As we all already know, the Pixel 2 phones do not support microSD memory cards in their standard form. But it is not a thing to sweat about as you can always add a slot by purchasing third-party memory card adapters. All you need to do is slip in a microSD memory card into these special adapters, and they will easily be plugged into your Google phone’s ‘Type-C USB port’.

Look to the Cloud:

If you own a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, we have a piece of exciting news for you. Google offers unlimited space on Google Drive for the videos and photos you shoot on your phone. No loss of picture quality will occur if you upload all your valuable pictures and videos on google drive.


Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL phones:

Q1-What are the available colour options for this smartphone?

Ans: The new Google Pixel 2 is available in three different colour options. These options are black, white and blue.

Q2-Is the Google Pixel 2 waterproof?

Ans: No, this smartphone is not completely waterproof. However, some of its features make it partially water-resistant.

Q3-What is the thickness of this phone?

Ans: The Google Pixel 2 is 7.8 mm thick.

Q4-How much does this phone weigh?

Ans: The weight of Google Pixel 2 is 143 grams.

Q5-What are the storage options of this phone?

Ans: This phone comes with two storage options; 64 GB and 128 GB.


Google Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL are trending in the modern world. People love them for their features and specifications. These phones are also affordable and pocket-friendly. This is one of the main reasons many smartphone enthusiasts around the world love Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL,

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