Spotify Hifi Release Date: When Is Spotify’s Lossless Tier Coming?Introduction

“Spotify HiFi” have the word popped up during the last few weeks using the internet. Lately, it has created a particular impact on the user of Spotify. The new update, named “Spotify HiFi,” was announced at the beginning of 2021 in February. Spotify users are very excited about HiFi as the feature is expected to improve streaming quality. Still, there have been no updates from then until now, which has exasperated the fans a lot.

The users have been tight-lipped throughout 2021-22, wondering about the fate of Spotify HiFi. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, owners of the streaming apps, slipped a few details about the release of about the missing service. If you were also wondering about that, what is Spotify HiFi? Then you have come to the right place because today will update our readers about all the latest updates about Spotify HiFi.

spotify lossless

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a popular digital platform for music, streaming, podcast, and video service co-founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006. The Swedish-based audio and digital media streaming service allow users to access millions of audio files uploaded by content creators globally. The audio streaming apps headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. The app is considered one of the most important streaming services, with a massive list of 456 million monthly active users.

Spotify has many exclusive features that allow users to access audio features & analysis, and throwback Playback. They can also achieve great recommendations and a customer-friendly search engine. Spotify offers its user many unique services like custom Playlists, Metadata, Curated Content, and designing the suggestion according to the user’s taste. The app is available for download on various iOS and Android platforms. Users can easily download it on multiple devices, including computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars.

spotify lossless

Spotify Feature

Below is the list of some of the features available in the music-streaming app Spotify:

Spotify Payment Plan

Below are all the details about Spotify Payment Plan:

Spotify Payment Plan

Mini Plan

Availability: One-time availability

Price: Starts from Rs.14.00/day


3 Months Prepaid Plan

Availability: 3 months availability

Price: Starts from Rs.299.00/Monthly


Note: Individual plan offer starts from Rs.299.00/month after subscription. Some Terms and conditions apply to the plan, and the Offer will expire on 31/12/2022.

1-month free subscription

Plan type: Duo

Availability: 1-month prepaid availability

Price: Starts from Rs.390.00/Monthly


1-month subscription-prepaid plans

Plan type: Family

Availability: 1-month prepaid availability

Price: Starts from Rs.479.00/Monthly


With the end of 2022, Spotify has given you one last chance to relive all the memories with 2022 Wrapped – Spotify. Click on the link below to download Spotify and feel nostalgic for the memories you made this year.

spotify lossless

2022 Wrapped – Spotify

What is Spotify HiFi?

Spotify HiFi is the app’s premium feature that upgrades the sound quality to a “CD-quality without losing the audio format. The premium feature could enhance the streaming audio quality up to the 16-bit depth and 44.1 kHz. The upgrade will provide users with high-fidelity audio service. The owners initially announced Spotify HiFi in 2021 for premium Spotify users to upgradation to a Platinum subscription plan.

However, an announcement has been made regarding the premium feature just now. The user has been anticipating new updates regarding high-quality music and podcast streaming. The streaming service offers a Platinum subscription plan that is $19.99 monthly.

Spotify HiFi

Spotify HiFi Updates

Spotify promised its users a lossless audio tier releasing an initial teaser at the end of 2017. After that, the owners only announced the release of lossless music streaming in 2021. The owners announced different playlists and podcasts, headphone turners, studio sounds, audio insights, library pro, and limited ad-supported Spotify podcasts in the update.

Some illegal updates were leaked on Reedit in the form of onboarding pages related to Spotify HiFi. Some alleged improvements were announced in those feeds regarding Spotify Platinum and a yet-unannounced subscription tier alleged to include HiFi. Data miners also discovered some Spotify HiFi interface graphics and settings in the updates. The biggest news was a Redditor’s claim about access to the Spotify HiFi menu ahead of the launch.

spotify lossless

What Will Spotify HiFi Cost?

Spotify HiFi is still under discussion by many officials of the music streaming app. The price is the most crucial factor determining the future of Spotify HiFi, as many streaming services in the competition have already launched their CD quality genuinely economical prices. The hi-res tier of iOS h for exclusive lossless streaming at £9.99 ($9.99, AU$11.99) per month.

Tidal is a popular streaming service that has adopted the same price plan as its standard one. However, Spotify has a massive list of frequent users and subscribers, so even a late update of CD quality would not bother them. At the beginning of 2021, the owners announced $19.99 monthly for their Spotify HiFi standard plan. With the future updates about the release of Spotify Hifi, many popular streaming apps have also hiked its price, causing speculation regarding the daunting competition.

spotify lossless

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Following are the FAQs about what Spotify HiFi is:

Q1: What is Spotify?

Ans: Spotify is a popular digital platform for music, streaming, podcast, and video service.

Q2: Who are the founder of Spotify?

Ans: Spotify is a Swedish-based streaming app co-founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

Q3: What is Spotify HiFi?

Ans: Spotify HiFi is the app’s premium feature that upgrades the sound quality to a “CD-quality without losing the audio format.

Q4: When will Spotify HiFi launch?

Ans: Spotify HiFi was initially announced to be launched around February 2021, although the officials are still working on its release date.

Q5: What is the announced price plan for Spotify HiFi?

Ans: The announced price plan for Spotify HiFi was $19.99 monthly.


Spotify is the most famous music streaming service that offers maximum features to its users. According to a survey, 195 million paying subscribers and active users were recorded in September 2022. The primary feature of Spotify is streaming music online, but the developers have added several premium features.

The streaming service users are very excited about the updates about Spotify HiFi. However, the delay in the launch of Spotify’s CD quality feature is making the user quite vigilant. The internet is bursting with queries wondering if Spotify HiFi will ever launch or has been canceled by the officials. If these questions were also bothering you, then above, we discussed what Spotify HiFi is.

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