10 Best Apps to Share Location With Friends and Family


Locations sharing is one of the best benefits that come with the advancement of technology. The location-sharing app is a convenient way of sharing your live location with your loved one. These apps track your live location through the GPS of the mobile device to transmit that data to a service. The location-sharing apps offer many benefits, like data privacy, security, tracking, and location sharing with your loved ones.

These apps are an easy way to share your location with friends and family. There are over 1,000 popular locations shared all over the internet compatible with your mobile device. If you are thinking about which one to choose, you have come to the right place. Because in this blog will provide you with the 10 best apps to share locations with friends and family.

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10 Best Ways to share Location With Friends and Family:

Below are the mentioned 10 Best Apps to share Location With Friends and Family:


Glympse is an award-winning location-sharing app that is free to use. The app is an effortless and fast performance that tracks your location using GPS tracking on your mobile device. The location-sharing app doesn’t require any sign-up and lets you share your site with others in real time quickly and safely.

Users can share their location through email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter, friends’ chats, and private or Public groups. The app is available to download on platforms like Windows, iPhone, and Android.


App Features:

Following are some of the main features available in the Glympse app:


GeoZilla is a location and GPS tracker app quite famous around the internet, developed by GeoZilla.Inc. The app lets you invite and share your live location with family members. This app is a lifesaver tool for tracking a family’s location to ensure they are safe. The location-sharing app guarantees a 30-day money-back policy.

The popular location-sharing app uses Google’s latest Geofencing technology to track your family’s location when you leave or arrive. It plays a significant role in keeping your loved one safe while notifying you about speeding and mobile use during driving. The user gets an immediate update in case of an accident. The app can track your valuable device once you connect it to your pet’s collar, car keys, and wallet. You can track the location of your valuable item in case you lose them.


App Features:

Following are some of the features available offered by the GoeZilla:

My GPS Location:

My GPS Location is another excellent location-sharing app on our list. The location-sharing app uses geolocation data by tracking the GPS and Wi-Fi of users’ phones. The real-time location sharing app is GPS coordinates that greatly help track progress if you are geocaching, sailing, or doing fieldwork.

My GPS Location app is divided into three apps that show detailed real-time information from the location sensors: latitude and longitude, altitude, accuracy, speed, and bearing. Users can locate or share their loved ones’ location through Messaging, Email, WhatsApp, and Email.

My GPS Location


Messenger is the fourth but most high-end name on our list of best location-sharing apps. The app is a proprietary instant inbox of Facebook messages that Meta Platforms design. The messenger app is easy and free to use and helps you decide the time limit to share your location. It is up to you whether you want to share your location with one person or a group.

My GPS Location

Life360: Find Family & Friends:

Life360 is another excellent suggestion in our list of best location-sharing apps. The app is widely popular globally, with 33 million members across 195 countries. Many above million families trust the app to protect and connect their loved ones at home.

Life360 is available for In-app purchases and uses real-time location updates to keep everyone coordinated with Crash Detection and 24/7 Roadside Assistance. The app has multiple features like Driving Safety, Digital Safety, Location Safety, and Personal Safety for the enhanced family protection we all want.

My GPS Location

Google Maps:

Google Maps is the most legitimate source of location sharing on our list. The app is easy to access and free to use, powered by Google. The navigation app is one of the most downloaded apps on the globe that offers accurate real-time updates.

The navigation app allows users to tap profile pictures, select Location Sharing, and choose an individual. The app is also compatible with sharing locations with non-Google accounts.

The default duration of location sharing is one hour. But, you can prolong it until you decide to stop. You can also request to view a friend’s location. But that’s only possible if they’ve previously shared it. The officials have updated google chrome with the latest feature that allows users to share their real-time location with their loved ones and address to their Google Contacts.

Google Maps

Family Locator:

Family Locators app is a little late on our list but among the most favorite on our list. The PTPA Awards-winning app is free to use and is followed by 70,000 active users around the globe. Users can avail of features like real-time location tracking on a map in the Family locator app.

The app also offers a functional private chatbox to discuss your safety concerns. The family locator app allows you to locate your family member’s location on the map. The app features an SOS button in case your family member gets lost. The navigation app allows users to set safe and unsafe zone maps. So, It also sends notifications regarding your kid’s location if they are leaving or entering the park, playground, or school.

Family Locator


WhatsApp is a top-rated messaging and voice-over-IP service designed by American company Meta Platforms. The free messenger is also updated with location-sharing services that allow you to share and receive notifications from your friends and family.

The app also allows you the edge to decide for how long you want to share your location. WhatsApp has also introduced the live location feature that you share your current location with your family and friends anytime, anywhere.



Viber is another cross-platform voice-over IP and instant messaging software designed by the Japanese Software house Rakuten. The app is handy if you are a person that is very concerned and uncompromising about location-sharing.

The location navigating the app is also compatible if you don’t want to download additional security apps. Viber allows you to customize the list of people you want to share your location with.


iPhone’s Find My Friends:

iPhone Find My Friends is the last mentioned on our best location apps list but is a pioneer in navigation apps. The built-in IOS app is straightforward and compatible with all Mac devices. The find my feature of the app helps you find your IOS device using your iCloud memory. The app also has an Airdrop feature that allows you to instantly share your location with your contacts using email or phone.

iPhone’s Find My Friends

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Following are some of the FAQs asked about the 10 Best Apps to Location With Friends and Family:

Q1: What is Location Sharing Apps?

Ans: The location-sharing Apps are an easy way to send your location to your loved ones by accessing your phone’s GPS.

Q2: what are the ten best location-sharing apps with your friends and family?

Ans: Below is mentioned the best location-sharing apps:

Q3: How are location-sharing apps useful?

Ans: Location-sharing apps are very useful in the modern world as they allow you to track your loved ones while also keeping the regards to their privacy.


Location-sharing apps are convenient and easy options to stay updated on your loved ones’ location. These apps help you respect the personal space of your family and friends while making it easy to respond to emergencies.

Suppose you are also concerned about your family’s safety but cannot choose which location app. Then in this blog, we mentioned the 10 best apps to share locations with friends and family with all the sufficient details about them. If you find this blog informative, then please visit our website Qnnit. We post trending content like Valor Legends Eternity Gift Codes Wiki and YBA Codes– Your Bizarre Adventure.