How to Save Instagram Stories?


Instagram is a widely used social media mobile application largely used for posting aesthetic or personal photographs or whatever the user feels passionate about. It has multiple features like posts, reels, and stories. People can tag each other in their posts and stories and let their followers know what they are up to, who they are with or which place they are visiting. Instagram allows users a Direct Message option as well, where they can directly send a message and have audio, video calls, or simple text conversations.

Apart from that, the most widely used and appreciated feature of Instagram is Stories. People post their daily updates on it, and it stays only for 24 hours; after that, it becomes unavailable. Stories are an interactive yet exciting way to keep your followers updated about your social life. Due to their 24-hour life, users sometimes want to keep their memories safe.

Guide to Save Instagram Stories

The following guide will showcase some ways to save Instagram stories for Android and iPhone users:

Android Users

Android users can follow these steps to save Instagram stories:

iPhone Users

iPhone users can follow these steps to save Instagram stories:

Other Ways to Save Stories


Following are the frequently asked questions about Instagram:

Q1: Is Instagram free to use?

Ans: Instagram is free for all social media platforms. Users only need to create an account on the platform to start using the application

Q2: Do we have to pay to make a business account on Instagram?

Ans: There is no cost if a user wants to create a new business account or converts the existing account to a business account.

Q3: What is the time limit of a reel on Instagram?

Ans: Instagram recently brought a new update where users can post their 90 seconds long videos, widely known as Reels.


Instagram is a fun, interactive social media application with millions of users who create amazing content for their followers to enjoy. Other people can use it to promote their small or large-scale businesses, or it can be simply used to post daily life happening. It has a space for all.

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