How to View Instagram Stories without them Knowing


Instagram is a very popular and widely used social media mobile app, with more than 1 billion users who actively use this app on a daily basis. This app allows users to upload photographs, videos, reels, and stories for those who follow them. They can have public accounts where anyone can access whatever they post or private accounts where only limited people can view their activities. People also use this app for business purposes because it supports small businesses and startups.

This visionary app surfaced in 2010 and gained quick popularity within a week. Later, in 2012, Facebook purchased the app, and from that time onwards, the authorities have updated the app making it more user-friendly. People post their stories as one of the very popular features of Instagram, where they let other people know about their daily life, any new update, or general communication.

Quick Ways to View Stories Anonymously:

With all the amazing options, we still want to view other people’s stories without them knowing about it. Be it a business competitor or any other reason which makes you want to hide yourself from their viewer’s list. We understand the dilemma, and here are some of the quick use methods listed below for our readers:

Method 1:

In this way, you can view their photographs, but it is a highly unreliable way. It is unreliable because you can slip your grip at any time, and there you go directly into their viewer’s list!

Method 2:

While being connected with a secure Wi-Fi service, Instagram automatically loads some stories. So, you can “Turn on Airplane mode” and view the loaded story. In this way, you will view their story and will not appear in their viewer’s list!

Note: So, here is the catch in this situation! Internet loads a limited part of the story, and if there is some video, you will not be able to view it completely without an internet connection.

Method 3:

You can make another free new account easily by the option “Add another account” on your profile page and can conveniently go back and forth between your accounts. This way, you will be able to view their stories from that new account, and they will never know who it was!

Note: This method can only work if the person whose story you are interested in viewing has a public account.


Following are the most frequently asked questions about Instagram:

Q1: Is Instagram free?

Ans: Making an Instagram account is free and can be used by iOS and Android users.

Q2: Can we make multiple Instagram accounts?

Ans: Yes, multiple accounts can be made by simply signing in and adding another account to your existing account.

Q3: Can we send messages on Instagram?

Ans: Instagram has a feature of Direct Messages (DM), where people can have their private chats.

Q4: What can be posted on Instagram?

Ans: Instagram allows photographs, videos, reels, and stories that stay for 24 hours only to view.


Instagram is a very communicative social media platform used for multiple purposes by its users. Whether for business or as a general mode of entertainment, Instagram is trending in the modern world. People love it for its features and specifications.

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