Welcome to the world of social media where Instagram rules the picture galaxy of the 21st century. Every person strives on social media to rank higher followers than ever. That is why several developers have come up with tools to make your busy life much easier. With that being said, Dumpor is an Instagram Storey Viewer (ig story viewer) that offers ease of viewing stories in a much more organized manner. The application enables you to scroll through your desired stories and has an insight that which stories are doing well with likes and comments.

Now comparing Instagram stories is made easy with online apps available free of cost with features that sound like a fictional story. The Dumpor is one of the miraculous anonymous Instagram Story viewers that was launched into the market social media almost a decade ago. And since then it has not seen a downward trend throughout its life cycle. The app also allows users to share videos and pictures in high quality.

With increasing revolutionary improvements in the era of social media, influencers are taking the assistance of several online free and premium tools to enhance exposure to their material and content. Social media influencers now also possess several tricks to gain millions of followers and make a fortune.

Instagram videos and picture sharing are methods of exposing your content around the world and gaining fame. The Instagram stories showing videos or images last for only 24 hrs and then disappear gradually. This means that Instagram account holders would have to produce highly captivating content in the shortest duration of videos to gain maximum exposure. The ever-increasing problem with Instagram account holders is that it compels them to act quickly or the video time may exceed. The solution? Dumpor!

Let’s Dive in Further!

What is Dumpor?

The Dumpor is an Instagram Story Viewer making your life betters and easier. The application lets you scroll through Instagram stories much faster than the usual methods. You can also gain detailed insight into the progress of the stories that which ones are doing better and which ones are gain more exposure in the form of comments, likes, or increasing following.


You are also allowed by the app to reply to the comments that you may get from your fans or followers. You could be more productive by just engaging with the stories and not going through the whole post mania filled on Instagram. All you can now focus on are the stories and you may also follow the ones of your interest.

How to Download Instagram Stories Online for Free Using Dumpor?

Like many people or Instagram account holders, you must be wondering why Instagram stories are great but are faced with the problem of downloading them on your electronic devices. So, here comes the Dumpor providing access to millions of Insta stories. But, first, you would have to download the Dumpor app and then move on with enjoying it the way you desire.

instagram viewer dumpor

There are many platforms available online to download or view the stories of hundreds and thousands of Instagram accounts. But, fans of the dumpor prefer it due to its user-friendly interface and free-of-cost services.

How to Use Dumpor?

Now that you are well aware of the fact that Dumpor provides you with ease of access to Instagram, we will be learning how to use the Dumpor.

instagram viewer dumpor

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step-1: Browse the Dumpor website in your favorite browser

Step-2: Now enter the URL or username of the person that you want to see the story of and enter the search

instagram viewer dumpor

You also have the option of switching between location, tags, and profiles

Step-3: Now all you have to do is click on the desired profile of the person and Voila! There you go

instagram viewer dumpor

How to Download Videos and Images from Dumpor?

The process of saving or downloading the stories of your favorite celebrity of person is now easier than ever with the help of Dumpor.

Following are the easy steps to download stories from Instagram using Dumpor:

Step-1: If you are using a website platform then open up the Dumpor Website ( and on the home page there is a search bar

instagram viewer dumpor

Step-2: Now, if you are using the mobile version of the Dumpor then the process is easy as well. All you have to do now is click on the desired profile and watch. You can also save and download their story with just 1 click

instagram viewer dumpor

Dumpor Reviews

One of the best ways to validate whether a service is fully functional or not or even if it’s reliable is by reading reviews. The reviews convey that:

Is the Dumpor Safe to Use?

Do you want to view Instagram Story anonymously? Then Yes, Dumpor is completely safe to use and fans are quite satisfied with its performance. The main reason is that it does not ask for any of your information that might be personal and you will feel uncomfortable to give away. So, it will never ask for your personal information for you to watch Instagram stories. Anonymous Instagram scrolling is now safer than ever because you would not be known as an Insta stalker.

The best part of the Dumpor that makes it indeed safe to use is that you remain safe while watching the profiles of your desired persons. You can see them but they cannot see you in any manner possible. Some may say that SmiHub or Storiesdown is also a good anonymous Instagram viewer platform where you can view Instant Story but reviews say that it is much better. Although, you may visit smihun and verify which one is preferable.

The Dumpor Instagram online web viewer stories have a much better ranking mechanism making them safe for use by any user around the world. So, now Insta stories are more fun for you, and if you are looking to make your work easier by using an Instagram story viewer or Instagram viewer then go ahead and give it a try today!

Insta Storyz VS Dumpor

Insta Storyz and Dumpor are considered the best Instagram Story Viewers for social media platform users. You can watch Insta stories as an anonymous ig viewer. But keep in mind that you would have to have an Instagram account and before that, you must download Instagram. The Dumpor Instagram is mostly a Desktop app and Insta Story allows a more user-friendly experience for its users in one place.

Both apps are well-known among their Instagram users to watch, save and share Instagram photos, Instagram posts, or Instagram stories with your friends and family members. In the meanwhile, you can like or comment as well.

Why should you use Dumpor Instagram?

That’s the right question why should you use Dumpor ig? Like many Insta users, you must also be spending a huge amount of time on social media platforms. Or you might also be spending some time on Dumpor Redditt.

instagram viewer dumpor

But you could also become a satisfied ig story view Dumpor by watching ig stories. Having said that even such a task in your leisure time may consume too much of your energy and drain you while messing up your mood. So, why not get your spirits high by offering you a tool that eases your hassle of scrolling through tons of Insta stories and Insta posts?

#Dumpor Instagram is hence the solution to all your Insta problems that you faced until now. Rather than having another app and searching for an Insta story, the Dumpor will find and bring the top the latest story. The automatic algorithm also saves your precious time and data usage while making it an effective and efficient app.

Additionally, some other features involve adding comments to Instagram stories. But you will definitely need Instagram Login in order to view the profiles of other Instagram members. No matter what story you watch, you will never get tired of the user-friendly interface of the Dumpor. It also has a specific button such as “Save for Late” allowing you to watch your favorite stories at some other time if you have a time constraint.

Overall, Dumpor Instagram is a wonderful app that helps you watch and save Insta stories without any hassle. It saves data and possesses handy features such as adding comments. All you have to login Instagram, access the story viewer and download Instagram videos while remaining anonymous. It is indeed the best story saver.

Dumpor Instagram Features

Dumpor is ranked among the best Instagram Story viewer allowing you to sit back and relax while scrolling through stories on Instagram. It allows you to work a lot easier and faster than before. If you are a professional Instagrammer then staying updated is undoubtedly a priority for your business, so that you may follow and adapt to the latest trends.

Dumpor Instagram Features

The features of Dumpor are essential for its operations and popularity such as follows:

Dumpor Alternatives:

Some Dumpor Alternatives are also considered good as Instagram Video Downloader. We believe that these are the best Instagram Story Viewers in 2024. A few alternatives for Instagram Story Viewer are mentioned as follows:

  1. Insta It is the best Dumpor alternative ranked among the top 3 with 5 rating reviews. The users are quite satisfied with this ad-free Instagram downloader with free-of-cost service.

Dumpor Alternatives

All you have to do is paste the URL link of your Instagram post, image, or video and now click GET.

Dumpor Alternatives

2. Snapseed is a free photo editing tool made just for Insta junkies. The software also allows to edit of pictures taken from Insta Stories.

Dumpor Alternatives

Some of the main features involve the addition of filters and cropping.

3. Pixwox allows you to find a number of stories and even download Insta posts if you feel urged. The simple and user-friendly interface makes it the preferred Dumpor alternative declaring it the top Instagram option.

Dumpor Alternatives

You will be able to download and view Instagram posts and Instagram videos+photos for free. What is even better, that the Instagram profile can either be public or private, which not every other Instagram downloader can perform. Pixwox also allows you to download your desired videos and photos anonymously.

4. Story Saver is a perfect tool for users looking to download user stories on Instagram. The platform is extremely convenient to use. The good part is that it is also completely free. While using the Story Saver log in to your Instagram account, enter your username, and click the download button to watch your favourite Insta stories posted by the users.

Dumpor Alternatives

You can do all that while remaining anonymous. That means that you can see other without revealing your Insta account identity while being able to download ig Instagram posts.

5. Insta-stories-viewer offers ig browsing in anonymous mode while you can enjoy stalking your favourite persons. On this amazing website, IG browsing is easier than other similar ig story viewers.

Dumpor Alternatives

  1. is perhaps the second most popular Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader. The free and user-friendly website is known for its quick services. It is an excellent tool for you to view Insta stories, stalk Instagram statuses and ultimately download for free of cost.

Dumpor Alternatives

Dumpor Tricks and Tips

There are many tips and tricks for Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer. You can implement several tips and tricks to expedite you’re scrolling and make your time more useful. You will be enabled to view all the posts from a specific time period or filter you’re scanning by hashtags and at the same time save Insta posts to view later.

Dumpor Alternatives

Dumpor Tricks and Tips are mentioned as follows:

Dumpor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are the Dumpor FAQs Instagram Viewer free:

Can you view Instagram anonymously while using Dumpor?

Ans. yes, through Dumpor you can watch Instagram stories for free.

Are Dumpor alternatives reliable?

Ans. Well, not much, but yes you may choose some very famous alternatives to download, watch and save your favourite Instagram stories. However, we advise using only Dumpor Instagram Viewer.

Can you share your Instagram Story?

Ans. It is significant to mention that you can easily import your Instagram stories.

What is Dumpor Reddit?

Ans. There is a Dumpor platform on Reddit where the community or in other words the fans of Dumpor may share their Instagram experience while using Dumpor.

How to search for an Instagram Story on Dumpor Instagram?

Ans. There is a search bar clearly placed in the center of the home page of Dumpor. There you can search your desired Instagram profile and their Insta stories.

Can Insta Stories be saved on the Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer?

Ans. Yes, you can surely save the IG stories by pressing the “Save Story” button on the right top corner.


Dumpor is completely safe to use in longer terms while being able to download and watch your favourite Instagram stories. Dumpor is a completely free tool specially developed for using Instagram much more smartly. In other words, you could become a pro Instagram stalker.

But do you have information about How to Save Instagram Stories? Or Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile? Then do visit Qnnit. So, here was everything you need to know about Dumpor Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer and we told you “How can you watch Instagram Stories using Dumpor”?