What is IFVOD?


This is the era of modern technology, where people prefer to have options at their fingertips. Be it work or entertainment. With the internet boom, the world has seemed to shrink within the screens with accessibility to so much information and entertainment across the boundary of nations.

With so many advancements, everyone prefers to enjoy their free time, get off their minds from hectic work routines, and watch something entertaining whenever they want. There are so many websites and TV packages that are at your service to give you what you want with just one click.

IFVOD is one such trending app of Chinese origin that offers its viewers many options to watch based on their personal preference of the entertainment genre they like. This application has only Chinese shows but comes with a very interactive interface with English Subtitles available for every show, whether it is a movie, drama, sports, or news.

Leading Features of IFVOD

The following are the main features of this Chinese app that makes it distinguished from other similar apps already available:


The app was launched in 2014 by iFeng, a Chinese company, to introduce the whole world to the Chinese entertainment industry and its culture.


It is compatible with the 2.3 software version, and anyone who wants to download it successfully must have updated their software to it.


The app size is just 2.41 MB making it easy to keep on the devices by gathering less space.


The app is free to download with a very reasonable per-month subscription of $5, which makes it very attractive for users who want to get more entertainment on less budget.


This app offers more than 900 entertainment channels with constantly refreshed content. These channels cover news, dramas, movies, sports, and documentaries.

Device Compatibility

This app has compatibility with Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. You can use multiple devices to play videos as well, with a great user experience and interactive interface making it easier to navigate through the app’s functions.


This app also has the feature of downloading shows or episodes to Watch Them Later without any active internet connection. So, people can download their favorite shows and watch them whenever they want to.


The app comes with zero ads, making it an attractive option for users who do not want any disruptions while watching their favorite shows. It provides the best experience for users without any ad interruptions.


The app only offers Chinese content, which makes it very exclusive for content promotion of their country’s origin. The content is only available in the Chinese language, but users need not worry because every show comes with English subtitles.

Thus, if you want to enjoy Chinese shows, this is the app that can give you so much entertainment. Over 900 channels with regularly refreshed content bring so many options to watch from all the time. For people who want to have access to great shows and have an interest in Chinese programs, this app is your savior.


People prefer to watch their favorite shows in high-quality pixels. IFVOD comes only in HD quality videos with a stable and good internet connection. In this era where no one likes 360p quality videos, this app has so much to offer in the high-quality definition of the content they present, making it user preference in every possible way.


This app has global accessibility, and users can download it from every corner of the world. Users can access this app while traveling to any corner of the world, and all they need to do so is an active and stable internet connection.

This app is accessible in 190 countries around the globe, 24/7. Users can enjoy their favorite shows where ever they are on the planet.

Multi-platform Compatibility

One other star feature of this app is its compatibility with multiple platforms. Users can use it on their TVs, computers, mobile phones, and even tablets. Alongside its compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows, people can watch any genre they like on this app.

As this app is filled with entertainment shows, informational programs, documentaries, dramas, movies, sports, and news too, so whatever you want to watch is just one click away on this app.


The app has the best UI and UX elements. UI refers to the User Interface, and UX refers to the User’s Experience, both of which are the core of any application available out there in the market.

The app has a very interactive interface which makes it very easy to navigate around the app and to find out whatever the user wants to watch. This easy navigation gives its users a very great experience with this app. One more thing which attracts the audience!


The app comes with very cost-effective subscription charges, which are very less compared to other apps of similar nature. The app can be downloaded freely, and a user account can be made with $5 subscription charges.

Other similar apps start their subscription charges from $7.99 minimum making it more a budget-friendly app. People can enjoy many shows without being broke.

From where can IFVOD be Downloaded?

Downloading IFVOD is a very simple process. Users only have to open the App store on their phones and search for it in the search bar. The app will pop up in the search list and can be downloaded from there.

How to Download IFVOD on Android?

Users can download this app on their Android phones or televisions by simply following the below-mentioned guiding steps:

Benefits of IFVOD Application

This app comes with many advantages for its users; some of the major benefits are enlisted below:

Drawbacks of IFVOD Application

With so many advantages at hand, this app also comes with some disadvantages. Some of them are given below:

Is this App Worth Downloading?

People who have an interest in Chinese shows as they have great cinematics and intriguing storylines. The application is very much worth downloading. The fanatics can get access to a huge digital library of shows and bring all the entertainment within their access.


IFVOD is a safe haven for users who share a great love for the Chinese media and entertainment industry. It offers a great range from which people can choose whatever they want to watch, whether it is a drama, movie, or news. It gives its users a chance to get accustomed to Chinese traditions and culture effortlessly. People watch Chinese shows for their amazing landscapes, cinematics, and captivating storylines, and IFVOD offers this access to them without making it difficult.

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