Apple Music not Downloading Songs? Try these Fixes


Apple users have many luxuries to enjoy. One of them is the synced Music Library, where all your playlists are saved in one place. It also offers features that enable you to download your favorite songs, which can be accessed without any internet connection.

But, with all the ease, some users face issues with the Music app being unable to download songs. Now that is a real issue when you cannot access or download the song you want to listen to on repeat. In this article, you will find some quick ways to fix this issue.

Quick Solutions to Fix Apple Music not Downloading Songs:

Following are some solutions that can be tried to fix the Music App:

Check Connectivity:

First, check that the device is connected with a safe Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. If it has a distorted or weak internet connection, that may be the reason for the Music App’s inability to download the respective song.

In case the phone is on mobile data, check the option of Mobile Data in Music settings. Mostly, Apple Music allows song downloading when connected with Wi-Fi, so change the setting to cellular data and try downloading your favorite songs again.

Check Phone Storage:

If phone storage is full, of course, it will be unable to download anything without freeing up some space. In that case, scroll down the screen, and there will be a Warning Notification of Phone Storage Full. Open that notification and find an option that says Manage Storage. This option will offer all the storage details and recommendations for freeing up some space. After having enough space, the Music app will be able to download the desired song.

iCloud Music Library:

Try toggling off the iCloud Music Library and enable it again after some minutes. It might help, but by doing so, all the downloaded songs will vanish. So, they have to be downloaded once again

Music App:

Try offloading the Music app! This solution works better than signing out of iCloud as it only removes the app data but keeps the user data safe. This way, downloading all the songs will not be necessary. It will only get rid of the app data. For this purpose, open the general settings of the device, find Music, open the Music app, check the Offload App and end the process by Confirming it.

Restart the Device:

Restarting the device can also solve the problem. It helps in getting rid of the junk and cache files that might be hindering the downloading option.

Check the Availability of the Song:

Look for the download option of that particular song, as it might not be available for download. If it is not available for download option, of course, Music App will be unable to download it.


Following are some frequently asked questions about iPhone Music:

Q1: Do the iOS versions have anything to do with Music Library?

Ans: In order to download the latest songs, an iOS update does matter. Updating it solves the problem of Apple Music not downloading songs.

Q2: Can music be downloaded on mobile data?

Ans: Yes, it can be downloaded this way. But, for this purpose, some changes have to be made in the device settings. Open the general device settings, find Music and turn on the Mobile Data option.

Q3: How to download songs automatically on Apple Music Library?

Ans: In order to automatically download songs, open settings, find Music, and turn on the Automatic Download option. Go back to the music app and add your most loved songs in the library. The device will automatically download them.


iPhones are trending in the modern world. People love them for their unique features and specifications. iPhone users often face the issue of the Music app’s inability to download songs, and the above-mentioned solutions can help fix this issue.

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