Facebook is one of the most-used apps on the internet. It has particularly become a massive part of our everyday life. We share our pictures, connect through friends and get our daily news feeds from Facebook.

As social media is rapidly evolving, it is also developing some setbacks. Over 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook, and it faces some catches and difficulties over time. This blog will help you address one widely asked spam question, “Why Is My Facebook Saying No Internet Connection?”

facebook app no internet connection 2018

Reason for Facebook Saying No Internet Connection:

The reason for Facebook not authorising an internet connection can be a login error. Login errors are one of the most common reasons Facebook denies internet connectivity. In other cases, you might even face bug reports from a website or browser. Another meaningful reason can be the low-speed Internet connections. In that case, you will receive an error message like “No Internet Connection”.

facebook not connecting to internet

Common Reason For Facebook Denning Internet Connectivity:

Following are some of the common reasons for Facebook Denning Internet Connectivity:

Methods to resolve Facebook Saying No Internet Connection Problem:

Following are some of the methods to resolve the Facebook Saying No Internet Connection Problem:

Shuffle Browser:

Suppose your Facebook is saying no internet because of the slowed-down browser. Then try shuffling your browser choice if you are using chrome, then try opening your FB Id in Firefox or Safari.

Reset Password:

If the browser shuffling doesn’t work for you, then you can go for another alternative and try resetting your account password.

Reset Password

Following is the method to reset your FB password:

Check Internet Speed:

Still unable to resolve your Fb internet problem, then may it’s time to check your internet connectivity.

Check Internet Speed

Modify Fb Setting:

If your internet connectivity is fine, another option is available; try changing your FB setting.

Modify Fb Setting

Following are the step to follow for modifying your FB setting:

Clear Out Caches and Spam Data:

It may clear your catches and internet history if you can still not resolve your Facebook saying no internet connection.

Delete Cookies:

If clearing out caches didn’t work, then there’s another option to delete Facebook-related cookies from the browser.

Following are the steps to follow for clearing out cookies from the browser:


Facebook app, owned by American corporation Meta Platforms social networking and developed by Mark Zuckerberg, is a renowned mobile application. The mobile application was founded in 2004 and evolved over almost a decade. Today this beloved app is one of the most common parts of our life that helps us connect through the world, our friends and family. In this blog, we tried to help your resolve the “Why Is My Facebook Saying No Internet Connection?” problem.

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