What is YouTube Automation? Beginner’s Guide

The modern era focuses on businesses that are based on Artificial Intelligence as they are automated. These businesses work and generate income automatically. YouTube is one of the platforms that support automated income. So, if you do not know about YouTube Automation, here is the ‘What is YouTube Automation? Beginner’s Guide’ Keep reading the blog till the end!

Once Warren Buffett said, ‘If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die’. People are finding multiple ways to generate automated income. You can observe the famous YouTubers who make a video and earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Do you know how? Let’s discuss it in detail.

youtube automation

YouTube Automation

YouTube is a platform that will allow you to make automated money 24/7 as it is built into YouTube’s system. An individual makes a video and uploads it on YouTube; now, this video is watched all over the world at different hours of the day. YouTube monetizes the video from different perspectives, and if it is of high quality as per the YouTube algorithm, it will get viral.

A 23-year-old boy, MrBeast earned $54 million in 2021, Jake Paul made $45 million, and Markiplier made $38 million. Now, you will be wondering, HOW? There are three categories that fall under the umbrella of YouTube automation:

  1. Outsourcing the YouTube videos production

YouTube outsourcing is an accurate term for this category. In this category, videos are handed over to marketing agencies or freelancers who are then responsible for video management. They also use YouTube automation tools to increase engagement.

  1. Automated YouTube engagement

Some of the YouTube management agencies use fake audiences or bots to create a false impression of YouTube channels. YouTube does not support this; it determines such activities through YouTube algorithms and removes them.

  1. Automated YouTube channel management

It includes scraping data and automated administrative functions. Technically, YouTube does not allow it, but it can be done practically. It is also permissible by the US courts, but some of the services are restricted. Scraping data allows YouTubers to learn about search engines.

As per the TOS of YouTube, people are restricted to using automated systems that can send more request messages to the YouTube servers than a human being, but there are people who are using automated systems for administrative purposes because it does not include the fake audience, it saves the time of YouTubers.

How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel?

All you need to do is to make a video, upload it and earn money, but for starting a YouTube automated channel, you need to consider some steps that are mentioned below:

youtube automation

Step 1: Before starting a channel, you need to choose a niche. You have to pick a niche that is trending so it will grab the attention of more viewers. You need to be very specific about the niche so it can be interesting for the viewers, and it should be broad so that you can make more videos related to that niche.

youtube automation

Step 2: The second step is script writing. It is necessary to think of content that is trending because it will increase the chances of your video being successful. This script writing can be automated by using different software that will gather the data related to the niche and will create a script itself.

youtube automation

Step 3: Another step is voice-over. If you do not want to do it, you can simply generate automated voice-overs and save your time. You can choose the voice of your choice and make your task easier.

youtube automation

Step 4: Next step you need to consider is video graphics. To make your videos interesting, you may create cartoon graphics or slide shows with different software. Different software will enable you to create graphics of your choice that will be appealing.

youtube automation

Step 5: You can create automated captions for YouTube videos by using different software. It will help you to create captions that will increase audience engagement on your channel.

youtube automation

Step 6: There are several YouTube hashtag generators that will help you to generate hashtags related to your niche. It will increase your views and likes. It increases the chances for your videos to get viral or trending.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to YouTube automation:

Q1: Which are the YouTube Automated tools?

Ans: Several tools are used for YouTube automation, but Feedly and YouTuBox are used to speed up the processes without doing it manually. Zapier is another automation tool that increases the quality of work and decreases the time of tasks.

Q2: Is YouTube automation real?

Ans: Yes, YouTube automation is real. By using automated tools for editing, creating, scheduling, and evaluating videos, we can save time and increase the quality of YouTube videos.

Q3: Is YouTube automation legal?

Ans: Yes, YouTube automation is legal except for false audiences and likes to create an impression of your YouTube channel.

Q4: How to earn with YouTube automation?

Ans: All you need to earn with YouTube automation is to make a video by using automated tools to enhance the quality of your videos and generate passive income without putting much effort into editing, checking, writing scripts, voice recording and scheduling.

Q5: How to earn money from YouTube?

Ans: There are several ways of earning money from YouTube, including YouTube ads, selling digital products such as online courses, and making everlasting videos.


In this blog entitled ‘What is YouTube Automation? Beginner’s Guide’, three major categories are discussed that fall under the umbrella of YouTube automation. This blog has also provided a step-by-step guide to YouTube automation that will help you how to start a YouTube automated channel and how to earn money from YouTube automation. If you are interested in learning more about YouTube automation, you may visit Qnnit.