ARK Survival Evolved is an online escapade game that is supported by multiple platforms like Xbox, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PlayStation. Released in 2017, this game gives the experience of a thrilling venture where players survive against leviathans, dinosaurs, and other deadly creatures.

Players can choose to play in two modes i.e. they can either play from a first-person perspective or they can also choose to play from a third-person perspective regardless of the type of server they use to play the game.

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ARK Survival Evolved Server Types

ARK Survival Evolved game can be run using different server types that support different gaming styles in the game. There are five different server types listed below:

ARK Survival Evolved can be played in a single-player mode or a multiplayer option is also available but it depends on the type of server players are using to play the game. However, data transfer between different servers at times becomes difficult to impossible.

What is a Dedicated Server on ARK Survival Evolved?

A dedicated server comes with its own very unique IP address and only serves the user. The gaming experience on a dedicated server is different in many ways. The content of the game might even differ while being on a dedicated server as it switches superfluous steps very easily and might be less challenging.

ARK Survival Evolved

It also ensures the smooth running of the game without any lags or connectivity problems.

What is a Non-Dedicated Server on ARK?

Non-dedicated servers work just like a single-player mode, where it automatically saves the game when users log out and can be resumed. The major difference lies in the hosting party of the server, as in a non-dedicated server there are multiple hosting websites used by many players at the same time.

The non-dedicated servers can be accessed by as many as ten or even more users simultaneously but are highly dependent on the server’s bandwidth and RAM size as well. A non-dedicated server operating system has to be 65-bit and a minimum of 6GB RAM size to host multiple players.

Non-Dedicated Server on ARK Additionally, on non-dedicated servers, players might not be able to access or get the complete experience of using the game or server’s resources. It allows multiple players to play together on the same server IP address.

In ARK Survival Evolved, using a non-dedicated server means that users can begin their game whenever they want and they can invite their friends in their gaming area to play along as well.

The non-dedicated servers work best if users know how to work through the original game settings like for instance garnering stone stats on ARK Survival Evolved just like on a dedicated server.

Non-Dedicated Server on ARK

As compared to a dedicated server, a non-dedicated one costs less than that and is easier to manage if users know how to tinker with the settings. Further, on one hand, it offers ease in playing the game with friends but on the other hand, it also messes with the gaming speed and experience. As the game can stutter or lag or even loses connectivity due to user overload.

Users must be apt at troubleshooting the issues and have a good internet connection to enjoy a non-dedicated server for ARK Survival Mode. The best feature is that friends can also join the user’s gaming area to enhance the gaming experience but for that too, IP address sharers have to be in close proximity.


The following are frequently asked questions about Non-Dedicated Servers on ARK:

Q1: Is there a cost difference between dedicated and non-dedicated servers on ARK?

Ans: Dedicated servers are costly as they offer user-specific IP addresses but in comparison, Non-dedicated ARK servers are cheap and can be used by multiple users at the same time.

Q2: Can my friends join me on my non-dedicated ARK server?

Ans: Non-Dedicated ARK server allows multiple people to play together or against each other at the same time. It also allows users’ friends to join them in their gaming area to play together.

Q3; How many server types are available in ARK Survival Evolved?

Ans: In ARK Survival Evolved there are five different server types i.e. Dedicated servers, Non-dedicated servers, Unofficial and official servers, and Single-player.

Q4: How many modes does ARK Survival Evolved allow?

Ans; ARK Survival Evolved offers two modes of play: first-person or third-person modes.

Q5: Is it better to use a non-dedicated server on ARK Survival Evolved?

Ans: Non-dedicated server on ARK Survival Evolved is only useful if users know how to manage and change the game settings. Also on non-dedicated servers slow speed or connectivity problems are very usual that can frustrate users while being in the middle of gameplay.


ARK Survival Evolved offers multiple gaming experience for its followers. Players can play alone or together with their friends using different server options like a dedicated or a non-dedicated server. Non-dedicated server comes at a cheaper rate with an option of sharing gaming area with friends in closer proximity however using a hosted server can cause slow or lagged gameplay that effects the player’s gameplay.