How to Play NCAA Football on PS4



NCAA Football PS4 offers a thrilling gaming experience. All you have to do to play NCAA Football on PS4 is create an account and sign in on the PlayStation Network. Then buy and download the game. That’s how simple it is to play your favourite game on gaming consoles. Some players may have observed the game hard to play, but once you get used to it then its fine.

It is pertinent to mention here that Electronic Arts (EA)/EA Sports game developers are working on a new version of NCAA Football. The expected date for the release is mid of 2024. It will be called EA Sports College Football”. But it will be available for next-gen consoles such as Xbox and PS5. You must have an idea that NCAA is a football game popular among college football and video game fans.

NCAA was first released back in June 1993 and is compatible with PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. NCAA 14 could be played on PS4, we advise you to read till the end to have thorough information on the subject. This informative article will cover steps on how to play NCAA Football on PS4. Now, without further ado let`s dive in.

Keep in mind that this football is the American version, in which a person has to grab the ball and run towards the designated area in the field. You may also check out Diablo 2 Resurrected Controls Guide For PC, Xbox, & PlayStation Consoles.

What is NCAA Football Game?

NCAA Football is a video game initially released in 1993 and later NCAA 14 was released in 2013. It is compatible with Xbox, PCs, and PlayStations. The good part is that PS4 owners can still play NCAA 14 on their gaming consoles such as PlayStation.

What is NCAA Football Game?

NCAA Football is a famous game among football enthusiasts. The NCAA series was developed and published by EA Sports and EA Arts. Players can control and compete against other football teams in the game.

The game has also been entangled in some legal issues to due internal matters. In 2013, the NCAA decided to not renew its license agreement with EA on a legal issue of player likenesses in the games. Later, in 2021, Electronic Arts decided to start work on next-generation platforms by 2023.

NCAA Football on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles

NCAA Football is compatible with PlayStation and Xbox consoles since start beginning of the 2000s. The first game of the NCAA Football 2003 for Xbox series was launched in 2003.

NCAA Football on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles

Whereas, the first game was NCAA Football 98. Since then every game is launched for both consoles. Each version of NCAA Football offers unique features and enhancements to make the game more enjoyable.

NCAA Football 14

NCAA Football 14 is the last game in the series that was launched in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is widely famous among football enthusiasts and college football fans. This was the last game, which happened due to some legal matter as discussed earlier. Despite its humongous popularity among the masses, the game had to be shut down while developing newer versions.

NCAA Football 14

This news really broke the hearts of many around the world. But the good news is that a newer version is going to release as early as the summer of 2024. But this will could be played on the latest gaming consoles such as PS5 and Xbox series. College football fans are especially excited after the news was released about a newer version of the football game.

NCAA Football PS4 Features

NCAA Football PS4 is a popular video game but some observed that now players cannot play it on PS4. But there are ways it could be done. Before that let`s move on with a range of features of NCAA Football games shared as follows:

 Covers: Over the years several renowned players like Robert Griffin have become part of the game`s cover
 Uniforms & Logos: Players can create their own logos and uniforms for their teams
 Gameplay: NCAA Football PS4 lets the players enjoy an HD realistic image quality with zero lags. You are provided several modes including Road to Glory Mode and Dynasty Mode.
 Names & Traditions: Several college-associated traditions and names are also offered such as rivalries, mascots, and songs. Players have options to make their own rivalries and traditions in the game.

NCAA Football PS4 Controls

NCAA Football PS4 players must get used to the controls in order to ace the game. following are the controls that you must master:

Main Control:

Following are the basic controls:

 Run: Square button
 Kick: circle button
 Pass: X button
 Sprint: press and hold R2
 Movement: left analogue stick

Advanced Control:

Following are the advanced controls:

 Swerve: right analogue stick
 Juke: right analogue stick
 Spin: rotate the right analogue stick
 Stiff Arm: press and hold R1
 Aggressive Catch: press and hold the triangle button

How to Play NCAA Football on PS4?

The question is quite pertinent when you ask if we can play NCAA Football on PS4. Unfortunately, there is no straight way to play NCAA Football on PS4. The game is old and new consoles are not compatible with the game. The good news is that the newer version that is to be released in 2024 will be completely compatible with the new gaming consoles.

How to Play NCAA Football on PS4?

Now, better get your hands on PS5, PS4, and Xbox series S/X. Some players might have even observed that NCCA Football 14 does not work on Play Station 4. But it is compatible with Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. Still, the video game is the favourite of many football enthusiasts worldwide.

The NCAA Football copies are rare and harder to find. As there are digital copies of the game to access. You may still try out your luck on e-platforms such as eBay. But prices will be higher for some players to afford. In either case, you need not worry because the newer version is just around the corner to be released in 2024.

We cannot exactly tell you how to play NCAA Football on PS4 because modern consoles are compatible with the game except PS3 and Xbox 360. This is certainly sad information but worry 2024 will be the year of NCAA Football returns in a new form. Its availability is a challenge to acquire but from third parties like eBay.

First of all, it is hard to find and if you do find then chances are that you will be getting it at around $100 to $150. Some veteran players have tried to update the game features such as a menu, updated fields, and rosters in January 2020. You need a physical copy of NCAA Football and Play Station 3 to play the game. PS4 and PS5 are not compatible to play NCAA Football.

Which Consoles are Compatible with NCAA Football?

It is significant to mention that NCAA Football could only be played on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. These consoles are launched many years ago and were later updated in newer versions. Both of these consoles could be purchased from online e-commerce platforms. You can also use emulators to play console-only games on computers.

You cannot play NCAA Football following consoles:

 Xbox Series X/S

Even if you try to play NCAA Football on jailbroken PS4, you will not be able to play PS3 games. The Jailbroken state of PS4 allows you to access several exclusive settings that are not possible in a normal state. Even some emulators will be difficult to run on PS4. EA also no more offers the NCAA series online due to legal issues. So, your options are quite limited. But nothing could stop NCAA Football fans from acquiring PS3 and playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are the FAQs about how to play NCAA Football PS4:

Q1: What is NCAA Football?

Ans. NCAA Football is a video game initially released by EA in 1993 and the last part was released in 2014. It could now be played just on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Q2: How to play NCAA Football on PS4?

Ans. Sadly, you can only play NCAA Football on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Q3: Can you play NCAA 14 on PS4?

Ans. Yes, you can play NCAA 14 on PS4.

Q4: Which other consoles are compatible with NCAA 14?

Ans. NCAA 14 could be played on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Q5: How to play NCAA on PS4?

Ans. All you have to do is follow these steps:

 Create an account on the website
 Download the game
 Now, enjoy the game with your favourite team in your preferred uniform and logo

Q6: Could PS3 games be played on jailbroken PS4?

Ans. No, PS3 games could not be played on Jailbreak PS4.

Q7: What is the reason that NCAA Football is so expensive?

Ans. NCAA Football is expensive due to its rarity and huge fan following. And you know that no new versions are there in the market available on the EA website.

Q8: Is NCAA Football 14 compatible with PS5?

Ans. No, NCAA 14 is not compatible with PS5.

Q9: Is NCAA Football 21 being released?

Ans. There are no confirmed reports other than the new version being released in 2024.

Q10: Can I play PS3 games on PS4?

Ans. Yes, you can play several PS3 games on PS4.

Q11: Are NCAA Servers still working?

Ans. There are no confirmed reports on the matter.

Q12: What is the reason behind the discontinuation of NCAA Football?

Ans. The reason is that NCAA announced it no longer remains associated with the game. There is another alleged reason that game was the reason behind gambling, which is unethical.

Q13: How to install college football revamped?

Ans. Download the installer file and run it. Additionally, follow the instructions of the installer through the installation process.

Q14: Are there chances of a relaunch of NCAA Football?

Ans. Yes, EA has decided to launch a newer version of NCAA Football in the summer of 2024.

Q15: Is it possible to download rosters on NCAA 14?

Ans. Yes, you can download rosters on NCAA 14, which may be outdated.

Q16: Is it possible to play college football on PS5?

Ans. Yes, you can play college football on PS5 with the latest stadiums, rosters and uniforms.

Q17: Which is the last NCAA Football Video Game?

Ans. NCAA Football 14 is the last and latest version of the game that was released on July 9th, 2013.

Q18: Will the new NCAA be compatible with PS4?

Ans. Most of the chances are the new NCAA will only be compatible with the latest consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


NCAA Football PS4 has been played thousands of times by countless players worldwide. It was considered among the most globally popular games. The drawback at the moment is that you cannot play NCAA Football on PS4 but on Xbox 360 and PS3. And you can get a physical copy of the NCAA on e-commerce platforms for almost $150. The next version of NCAA is expected to be released by EA in mid-2024, so stay tight until then.

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