Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Lost Items

Over the course of Part One of ThoseNarrative, you may Experience several Lost Items within theuration of those weeks you are at the Monastery. These items give you a little clue as to who’s dropped the product, and if talking to Characters, you might attempt to give them back a missing item. If you provide them the perfect thing, they willboost their bond with you substantially, and a few other components in your group willeven completely raise their motivation. You Can Start returning LostThings in Chapter 3, by taking on a pursuit from Jeralt whilst exploring the Monastery, to locate his flask he’s lost somewhere on the Second Floor.

Once returned, you’re going to have the ability to return Lost Items toadditional personalities . Lost Items can seem all overThe Monastery when researching, and generally appear in particular areas every month

For certain men and women. But, Lost

Things for personalities You Cannot recruit,

Such as the leaders of different homes or their bodyguards, should not appear if you

Are in the wrong property.

Complete Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Item & Owner List by Item

Here we go – a full list of lost items in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It’s pretty simple – a big old alphabetical list of items which will also tell you where to deliver each for that support rank up reward. Enjoy:

  • A Treatise on Etiquette – Lorenz
  • Agricultural Survey – Ferdinand
  • Animal Bone Dice – Shamir (You must wait for the next month to return this lost item)
  • Animated Bait – Linhardt
  • Annotated Dictionary – Petra
  • Antique Clasp – Flayn (Can only be returned once a month has passed after finding this lost item)
  • Armor Clasp – Jeritza
  • Art Book – Ignatz
  • Artificial Flower – Lorenz
  • Badge of Graduation – Catherine
  • Bag of Seeds – Marianne
  • Bag of Tea Leaves – Ferdinand
  • Balance Scale – Anna (Expansion Pass only) – Found up the far stairs near the graveyard
  • Basket Of Berries – Hapi (Expansion Pass only)
  • Big Spoon – Raphael
  • Black Hair Tie– Jeritza (found outside his room)
  • Black Iron Spur – Felix
  • Black Leather Gloves – Dimitri (Blue Lions house only)
  • Blue Stone – Ignatz
  • Book of Ghost Stories – Mercedes
  • Board Game Piece – Claude (Golden Deer house only)
  • Bundle of Dry Hemp – Shamir
  • Bundle of Herbs – Ashe
  • Burlap Sack of Rocks – Raphael
  • Carving Hammer – Gilbert
  • Centipede Picture – Shamir
  • Clean Dusting Cloth – Manuela
  • Confessional Letter – Marianne
  • Crude Arrowheads – Leonie
  • Crumpled Love Letter – Sylvain
  • Curry Comb – Ingrid
  • Dulled Longsword – Dimitri
  • Dusty Book of Fables – Flayn
  • Eastern Porcelain – Edelgard (Black Eagle house only)
  • Elegant Hair Clip – Rhea (Expansion Pass only)
  • Encyclopedia of Sweets – Lysithea
  • Evil-Repelling Amulet – Ashe
  • Exotic Feather – Petra
  • Faded Star Chart – Rhea
  • Feather Pillow – Linhardt
  • Folding Razor – Hubert (Black Eagle house only)
  • Foreign Gold Coin – Alois
  • Fruit Preserves – Mercedes
  • Fur Scarf – Leonie
  • Gardening Shears – Dedue (Blue Lions house only)
  • Gold Earring – Dedue (Blue Lion house only)
  • Grounding Charm – Caspar
  • Hammer and Chisel –  Hanneman
  • Hand Drawn Map – Leonie
  • Handmade Hair Clip – Hilda (The option to give Hilda gifts on the Blue Lions Route won’t appear until Calendar Month 3)
  • Hedgehog Case – Bernadetta (Found near the graves, at the top of the stairs – it can be difficult to spot)
  • How to Bake Sweets – Mercedes
  • How to be Tidy – Marianne
  • Hresvelg Treatise – Hubert (Black Eagle house only)
  • Introduction to Magic – Alois (Can only be returned after a month has passed after finding this lost item)
  • Iron Cooking Pot – Dedue (Blue Lions route only)
  • Jar of Sweets – Jeritza (found in Cafeteria)
  • Jousting Almanac – Ingrid
  • Leather Bow Sheath – Claude
  • Lens Cloth – Hanneman
  • Letter to Rhea – Catherine
  • Letter to the Goddess – Ignatz
  • Light Purple Veil – Manuela
  • Lovely Comb – Dorothea
  • Makeup Brush – Yuri (Expansion Pass only)
  • Maintenance Oil – Ferdinand
  • Mild Stomach Poison – Claude (Golden Deer House only)
  • Moon Knight’s Tale – Ashe
  • Mysterious Notebook – Alois
  • Needle and Thread – Bernadetta
  • New Bottle of Perfume – Lysithea
  • Nimbus Charm – Constance (Expansion Pass only)
  • Noseless Puppet – Gilbert (You can’t turn this item in until the month after you can first pick it up)
  • Noxious Handkerchief – Hubert (Black Eagles house only)
  • Old Cleaning Cloth – Cyril
  • Old Fishing Rod – Seteth
  • Old Map of Enbarr – Flayn
  • Pegasus Horseshoes – Ingrid
  • Portrait of Rhea – Cyril (Found at the far end of the 2nd floor dormitory)
  • Princess Doll – Lysithea
  • Rare Item Index – Anna (Expansion Pass only) – found in cathedral
  • Repellent Powder – Constance (Expansion Pass only)
  • School of Sorcery Book – Annette
  • Secret Ledger – Anna (Expansion Pass only) – found just outside the northwest exit of the cafeteria
  • Seiros Scriptures – Rhea
  • Shiny Striated Pebble – Hapi (Expansion Pass only) – found in hedges near Byleth’s room
  • Silk Handkerchief – Lorenz
  • Silver Brooch – Dorothea
  • Silver Necklace – Gilbert
  • Sketch of a Sigil – Hanneman
  • Small Tanned Hide – Petra
  • Snapped Writing Quill – Seteth
  • Songstress Poster – Dorothea
  • Spotless Bandage – Hilda (The option to give Hilda gifts on the Blue Lions Route won’t appear until Calendar Month 3)
  • Stiff-Hand Wrap – Balthus
  • Still-Life Picture – Bernadetta
  • Suspicious Dice – Yuri (Expansion Pass only)
  • Sword Belt Fragment – Felix
  • Tattered Overcoat – Caspar
  • The History of Sreng – Sylvain
  • The Saints Revealed – Linhardt
  • Thunderbrand Replica – Caspar
  • Time-worn Quill Pen – Edelgard (Black Eagle House only)
  • Toothed Dagger – Felix
  • Training Logbook – Dimitri (Blue Lions Route only)
  • Unfinished Fable – Seteth
  • Unfinished Score – Annette
  • Unused Lipstick – Sylvain
  • Used Bottle of Perfume – Hilda (The option to give Hilda gifts on the Blue Lions Route won’t appear until Calendar Month 3)
  • Wax Diptych – Annette
  • Weathered Cloak – Catherine (when you pick this up, you won’t be able to return this lost item until the next month)
  • Well-Used Hatchet – Cyril
  • Well-Worn Hammock – Balthus
  • Wellness Herbs – Manuela
  • White Gloves – Edelgard
  • Wooden Button – Raphael
  • Wooden Flask – Jeralt (this is the quest item that introduces Lost Items as a concept.)
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Complete Fire Emblem Three Houses Lost Items by Person List

If you prefer to go by person so you can hand items over to somebody in particular you want to improve your support rank with, here’s a full list of lost items by person – an alternate version of the above information.

  • Alois: Foreign Old Coin, Introduction to Magic, Mysterious Notebook
  • Anna: Balance Scale, Rare Item Index, Secret Ledger (Expansion Pass only)
  • Annette: School of Sorcery Book, Unfinished Score, Wax Diptych
  • Ashe: Bundle of Herbs, Evil-Repelling Amulet, Moon Knight’s Tale
  • Balthus: Well-Worn Hammock, Stiff-Hand Wrap (Expansion Pass only)
  • Bernadetta: Hedgehog Case, Needle and Thread, Still-Life Picture
  • Caspar: Grounding Charm, Tattered Overcoat, Thunderbrand Replica
  • Catherine: Badge of Graduation, Letter to Rhea, Weathered Cloak
  • Constance: Nimbus Charm, Repellent Powder (Expansion Pass only)
  • Claude: Board Game Piece, Leather Bow Sheath, Mild Stomach Poison
  • Cyril: Old Cleaning Cloth, Portrait of Rhea, Well-Used Hatchet
  • Dedue: Gardening Shears, Gold Earring, Iron Cooking Pot
  • Dimitri: Black Leather Gloves, Dulled Longsword, Training Logbook
  • Dorothea: Lovely Comb, Silver Brooch, Songstress Poster
  • Edelgard: Eastern Porcelain, Time-worn Quill Pen, White Gloves
  • Felix: Black Iron Spur, Sword Belt Fragment, Toothed Dagger
  • Ferdinand: Agricultural Survey, Bag of Tea Leaves, Ferdinand
  • Flayn: Antique Clasp, Dusty Book of Fables, Old Map of Enbarr
  • Gilbert: Carving Hammer, Noseless Puppet, Silver Necklace
  • Hanneman: Hammer and Chisel, Lens Cloth, Sketch of a Sigil
  • Hapi: Basket Of Berries, Shiny Striated Pebble (Expansion Pass only)
  • Hilda: Handmade Hair Clip, Spotless Bandage, Used Bottle of Perfume
  • Hubert: Folding Razor, Hresvelg Treatise, Noxious Handkerchief
  • Ignatz: Art Book, Blue Stone, Letter to the Goddess
  • Ingrid: Curry Comb, Jousting Almanac, Pegasus Horseshoes
  • Jeralt: Wooden Flask
  • Jeritza – Armor Clasp, Black Hair Tie, Jar of Sweets
  • Leonie: Crude Arrowheads, Fur Scarf, Hand Drawn Map
  • Linhardt: Animated Bait, Feather Pillow, The Saints Revealed
  • Lorenz: A Treatise on Etiquette, Artificial Flower, Silk Handkerchief
  • Lysithea: Encyclopedia of Sweets, New Bottle of Perfume, Princess Doll
  • Marianne: Bag of Seeds, Confessional Letter, How to be Tidy
  • Mercedes: Book of Ghost Stories, Fruit Preserves, How to Bake Sweets
  • Petra: Annotated Dictionary, Exotic Feather, Small Tanned Hide
  • Raphael: Big Spoon, Burlap Sack of Rocks, Wooden Button
  • Rhea: Elegant Hair Clip, Faded Star Chart, Seiros Scriptures
  • Seteth: Old Fishing Rod, Snapped Writing Quill, Unfinished Fable
  • Shamir: Animal Bone Dice, Bundle of Dry Hemp, Centipede Picture
  • Sylvain: Crumpled Love Letter, The History of Sreng, Unused Lipstick
  • Yuri: Makeup Brush, Suspicious Dice (Expansion Pass only)


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