In Team Fortress 2, Achievements are built-in game challenges that give players a chance to earn rewards while playing the game. In total there are 520 game Achievements or if we exclude the game Milestones, there are 479 of the total achievements. To earn these Achievements, players have to play for many hours before they could earn them.

This long gameplay can be very frustrating to win the achievements but it becomes easy once the players understand the game achievement’s servers and the way they work.

This guide will give you a walkthrough of the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Achievement servers and how they can be used to take advantage while playing the game.

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How Do the Achievement Servers of Team Fortress 2 Work?

In TF2, Achievement servers are can be used as tools to get hands on the game items with ease. There is a whole lot who believe that using achievement servers in TF2 is illegal and it can get them banned from the game.

On the contrary, there is no such thing as using Achievement servers leading to a ban. Rather using them would elevate players’ gaming experience and help them unlock exclusive items including Taunt Kill, Medic Kit, and also Frontline Field so easily.

Additionally, if used on the right server players can even win all 9 weapons in TF2 in a matter of an hour or so. On top of that, these earned items can be traded off using these achievement servers.

How to Get the Achievement Servers in Team Fortress 2?

Getting connected with an achievement server was not an easy task but we have assembled these few easy steps to make it easier for our players. Follow the following steps to connect with the Achievement server in TF2:

How to Keep a Track of Achievements in Team Fortress 2?

If players want to track their achievements in TF2, they simply need to check the Achievement option of TF2. Once you check that option, there will be another option that will open their achievements.

In another substitute way, players can head to Steam Library, check for the option Team Fortress 2, and then open the option labeled “View All Achievements”.

Steam Achievement Administrator

To mold your Steam achievements as per your preference, Steam Manager can help players with that. Players can modify and customize the achievements according to their needs which elevates their gaming experience to a whole new level.

With this Steam Administrators’ support, players can win all the game achievements in Team Fortress 2. Based on the pro player’s views, players can collect as many as 500 achievements in a period of 7 hours. The most fascinating thing is that it is legit and does not get players banned.

What If We Reset Achievements in Team Fortress 2?

I didn't realize that resetting your stats reset your achievement progress. so infuriating : r/tf2

In Team Fortress, once players reset their achievements they will be unable to get back to the items they have achieved over time. to get back to their achievements, players can reset them by using this guide:

Can I Get Banned for Using Achievement Servers on Team Fortress 2?

To clear this misunderstanding that many players think that they might get banned by using Achievement Servers on Team Fortress 2. This is not true and no player gets banned by using Achievement Servers. The only drawback of using Achievement Server is that it can plunge high scores. It is not a big deal as it can be cleared as it always can be wiped off.

Achievement Server Engineer Commands in Team Fortress 2

It gets very easy to get to the achievement servers in Fortress 2 by using the engineer commands, these commands are very efficient and make it less complicated. Players can use any of the given commands to get to the achievement server in Team Fortress 2:


This command will give the players milestones and other Halloween Achievements


This command helps in unlocking the rest of the achievements in the Team Fortress 2 game


The following are the frequently asked questions about Team Fortress 2 Achievement Servers:

Q1: Can Achievement servers be connected through Team Fortress 2 Community servers?

Ans: Achievement servers can be connected via heading to the Community servers of Team Fortress 2. Players can type Connect in the text box by using their Console’s f1 key. Then enter connect keys and use achievement server commands to get connected.

Q2: Can players get achievements through custom servers on Team Fortress 2?

Ans: Achievements can be collected through Team Fortress 2 custom servers. Just the way Team Fortress servers can command the server to utilize any kind of custom content. Players can explore the custom servers for achievements as well.

Q3: Can engineer commands be used to get connected with the Achievement server on Team Fortress 2?

Ans: Engineer commands are the easiest yet most effective way to get connected with the Achievement server on Team Fortress 2.

Q4: What are the engineer commands of the Achievement server in Team Fortress 2?

Ans: There are two different engineer commands to get to the Achievement servers in Team Fortress 2. The commands unlock different achievements for the players like “!giveitems “offer milestones and Halloween achievements whereas “!givemeal” unlocks all the given achievements for the players in Team Fortress2.

Q5: Can players get banned by using Achievement servers in Team Fortress 2?

Ans: This is the most common misunderstanding regarding the use of Achievement servers in Team Fortress 2. Achievement servers make the game easy for the players, helping them to collect achievements within 2 hours of the gameplay. Achievement servers enhance the gaming experience for the players and also unlock exclusive items like Frontline Field, Medic kit, and Taunt Kill.

Q6: Do we lose the achievements earned if we reset our achievements in Team Fortress 2?

Ans: Players can lose their access to achievement-based items if they reset their achievement.

Q7: How do I reset achievements in Team Fortress 2?

Ans: To reset achievements in Team Fortress 2, head to the Main Menu, click on View Achievements, and then head over to Reset Achievements.

Q8: Is there any drawback to using the Achievement server in Team Fortress 2?

Ans: There are no drawbacks as such to using the Achievement server in Team Fortress 2, however, players might face a bit of a plunge on their high score while using the Achievement server, but it can be wiped off very easily.


Achievement servers make it quite easy for players to collect the achievement without any frustrations and hassle. This tool can support the players to assemble the achievements without dealing with all the hurdles of the long process. As the achievement server’s use is not illegal, players can use it to their advantage and enjoy the elevated gaming experience.