For all the Marvel Heroes fanatics, it is very difficult to state about availability of any private servers for the game. The private servers have been taken down after strict legal actions and Marvel still holds the copyrights of the game. If you are trying any updates about the game and any private servers for it, continue reading this article.

We can still discuss this multiplayer Marvel Heroes game and some details about its private servers.

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Private Servers for Marvel Heroes

Marvel holds the copyrights of the merchandise’s multiplayer game “Marvel Heroes”. Due to this patent, it is nearly impossible to get any private servers for this game.

Furthermore, to bring the attention of all the gamers out there to the fact that any attempts to develop or run any private server for this multiplayer game are illegal, and in case if caught the offenders have to serious law action or maybe even severe criminal penalties.

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Marvel Heroes Substitute Games

Just because Marvel Heroes is a bit inaccessible for most game fanatics, we have some very great games in the list that can be played as an alternative to it.

Players can get themselves World of Warcraft (WoW) as it is an amazing game and the best substitute for Marvel Heroes.

In case all of you are trying to find yourselves an online free game, Black Desert Online is a very option. Also, Wizard 101 is another very great game with amazing gameplay.

If our gaming fraternity is interested in Marvel Heroes games then, Diablo, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Spiral Knights, and Sacred are very substitute games that will give you an amazing gaming experience with Superheroes gameplay.

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Following are frequently asked questions about Marvel Heroes and its Private servers:

Q1: Is Marvel Heroes Omega available to play offline?

Ans: Marvel Heroes was available to be played offline before the franchise was bought by Disney. Since Disney got the game rights, the game servers were shut down permanently since then.

Q2: Are there any chances of the comeback of Marvel Heroes Omega in the market?

Ans: The comeback of Marvel Heroes is a much-anticipated discussion among the gaming fraternity but according to Gazillion’s 2017 announcement, the anticipation seems to be of no use. As the franchise has no plans to bring Marvel Heroes game back, at least not any time soon. It has already been 5 years since the game has been taken off from the internet world and there are no updates about its comeback.

Q3: Can we not get any private servers to access Marvel Heroes?

Ans: As the copyrights of the game belong to Disney now, there have been strict surveillance on the private servers and strict actions have been taken against breach of the copyrights. There are no private servers for the game and in case someone tries to stir up one, beware as they will be faced with serious lawsuits and criminal penalties.


Marvel Heroes is among the most loved multiplayer games, and one of the main reasons for its fan following is that it is free to access and play. The game owners decided to take down the game, completely shutting down its operations due to some technical defaults.

If any of you are still trying to search for the private servers for Marvel Heroes to continue playing this multiplayer game, it is practically impossible due to its patent and copyrights followed by severe penalties in case of a breach of the patent.