How to Disable Google Chrome Reading List

If you want to avoid the option of the reading list on Google Chrome and look for How to Disable Google Chrome Reading List, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have covered the simplest step-by-step guide to remove Google Chrome reading list, so keep reading!

What is Google Chrome Reading List?

remove reading list from chrome

Sometimes we come across some journals, articles or blogs, and we want to use them later, so for this purpose, Google Chrome has a feature called ‘reading list’. This feature enables you to save articles and pages. Some people do not want to use this feature, and they want to disable Google Chrome reading list. This blog will help you to know how to disable Google Chrome reading list.

How to Remove Reading List Chrome

If you are using Chrome 90, you can disable Google Chrome reading list option without using a flag. Below is the simplest method how to remove reading list from Google Chrome:

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the Bookmark Bar or on the reading list option.

chrome remove reading list

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Show Reading List” option to disable the feature or to remove it from the screen.

hide reading list chrome

Note: You can enable this option anytime by using this method.

How to Remove Reading List Chrome 89

If you are using Google Chrome 89 or the older version, there is no official way to hide this option but the only way to disable Google Chrome reading list is by using Chrome’s flag. Follow these steps to learn how to disable Google Chrome reading list:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome using Mac, Windows or Linux PC. Now, type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter.

remove chrome reading list

Step 2: Type ‘Reading List’ in the search box. You will see a flag titled ‘Reading List’.

remove chrome reading list

Step 3: On the right side, you can see a box. Choose Disabled.

remove chrome reading list

Step 4: An option for Relaunch will appear on the screen. Tap it to restart your Google Chrome. Then you will observe that the Reading List option will no longer be there.

Note: It is to be noticed that if the features are behind the Chrome flags due to some reasons. They can be unstable, or they may have some negative impacts on the performance of your browser. They may get vanished without getting noticed. Enable flags at your own risk.

Moreover, if you want to enable the Reading List feature, you have to repeat these steps and choose the Default option to use this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Q1: Where is Reading List on Google Chrome?

Ans: The Reading List is on the top right corner of the Bookmarks Bar. If it is not visible, make sure the Bookmarks Bar is visible.

Q2: How to delete Reading List from Safari?

Ans: After opening Safari app, tap the open book icon. You can find it at the bottom. Tap the glasses icon. If you want to delete the whole list or some particular pages, you may select them accordingly and then delete them to remove immediately.

Q3: How can I remove reading list from Chrome?

Ans: Open Chrome Browser > type chrome://flags > type reading list > press Enter > choose the option from Default to Disabled.


This log has explicated everything you need to know about how to Disable Google Chrome Reading List. This blog has discussed basic and easy ways how to remove Reading List Chrome. The easiest way is by clicking anywhere on the bookmark bar of Chrome and unselecting the ‘Show Reading List’ option, and the other way is to use Chrome flags. If you want to know about technological hacks, visit Qnnit for more information and tips.