Foraging is a kind of trade skill allowing you to craft potions in Lost Ark. You will be glad to know that the “Wild Flowers” is mainly used for healing potions within the game. And it is not a big problem for many gamers. But exploring the right flowers could be a hard nut to crack. Keep reading to know more about the best place to forage flowers in the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Best Place to Forage Flowers

lost ark best place to forage

Following are all the best places to explore Dreamwalker Flowers while offering you the Wild Flowers, Shy Wild Flowers and Bright Wild Flowers.

One of the most famous places to forage flowers is considered to be the “Medrick Monastery”. Many players find this place to be the most suitable in the game. Those in crowdy servers might find this place to be difficult for flower competition.

The second suitable place is considered “Slime Island”, where you will explore several flowers to forage. We guarantee that you will never run out of flowers in these regions. Flowers respawn quite swiftly in these areas. You can also improve your foraging skills. You can also buy healing packs from Mari`s shop to save some time, as they are pocket-friendly. We hope that this guide was quite helpful in foraging flowers in the Lost Ark.