Avorion: Console Commands (Admin Commands)

A procedural co-op space sandbox Where gamers can build their own space ships from scalable blocks. Fight epic space battles, research, mine, commerce, wage wars and build your own empire to save your galaxy away from being ripped apart by an unknown enemy.

Avorion Console Commands

Avorion Admin commands. Don’t search Hours around for trainers, it is as straightforward as it is sounds. Have fun with it!

To use these commands you need to be An admin on the server that you would like to run these commands! You are admin by default on your personal hosted games.

How To run a control?

It Is very straightforward, simply open the in-game chat by pressing”enter” and form a”slash” before each command and affirm the command you have selected with enter.

Avorion Admin Commands

Command Description
/help show help message
/w [player name] send a private message to a player
/save saves the current sate
/stop stops the server
/seed seed of the server
/version shows the current server version
/suicide destroys your current ship
/player prints the number of players
/status prints out some information about the server’s current status
/admin -a [player name] add a player as admin
/admin -r [player name] remove a player as admin
/kick [player name] removes a player from the server
/ban [player name] adds the player to the blacklist
/unban [player name] removes the player from the blacklist
/banip [player ip] adds the player to the blacklist
/unbanip [player ip] removes the player from the blacklist
/blacklist shows the blacklist options
/whitelist shows the whitelist options

Cheat commands (in-game):

Command Description
/give [player name] [amout] credits gives the player the wanted amout of credits
/give [player name] [amout] [ore name] gives the player the wanted amout of the selected ore
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Server commands (console):

Command Description
/max-logs [value] amount of log files to keep around
/difficulty [value] difficulty of the server, allowed values are: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 Default: 0
/collision-damage [value] amount of damage done to an object on collision, from 0 to 1. 0: no damage, 1: full damage. default: 1
/port [value] listening port of the server Default: 27000
/exit-on-last-admin-logout shut down when last administrator logs out
/public [value] indicate if the server should allow other players to join
/infinite-resources [value] enable infinite resources for all players
/listed [value] indicate if the server should show up on public server lists
/max-players [value] maximum number of online players Default: 10
/save-interval [value] timestep between savings Default: 300
/same-start-sector arg indicate if all players should start in the same sector
/server-name [value] server name, will be displayed when queried
/use-steam-networking [value] use steam networking and authentication for users
/galaxy-name [value] galaxy name, appended to datapath, final path will be [datapath]/[galaxyname]
/datapath [value] folder the galaxies will be stored in, will be prepended to galaxy name
/admin [value] steam id(s) of the administrator(s) of the server
/threads [value] specify the number of threads used to update the sectors
/t [ –trace ] [value] tracing options. Can be more than one. Allowed values are: network scripting threading io database input error warning exception user game system debug sound gl all
/stderr-to-log redirect std error output from console to log file
/stdout-to-log redirect std console output from console to log file
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