Active gamers must have played this multiplayer game “Among Us” with very fun gameplay pitting together Crewmates and the imposters. Crewmates have to identify and vote out the imposter in the game or they have to finish all the game challenges of the game map.

Imposter’s role is to stay undercover and incapacitate the missions for the crewmates by killing them before they finish their given challenge.

Among Us on Steam

The most recent update to this game by Innersloth has brought some amazing new roles for the players and also introduced Cosmicubes. Another significant add-on to this update is “Beans”. It is a fresh currency for in-game use, that can be earned by the players to buy the items.

Innersloth announced these new additions in their Tweet from their official account, announcing to their followers all about these new changes.

Originally the in-game currency of Among Us was Stars which can be traded off in exchange for Real-time money through game stores. On gamers’ special requests for more obtainable in-game enterprises, Innersloth has introduced this new form of currency as Beans.

What are Beans in Among Us?

According to the newest update of Among Us by Innersloth, players in the game can earn Beans by simply playing this game. At the end of each challenge, each player earns rewards in the form of Beans regardless of winning or losing the tasks assigned. Each winning and losing team gets these Beans, which then can be used to buy different customizations in exchange for Beans from the in-game store.

Beans can be used to buy a variety of items like Polus Cosmicubes, Trick, Airship, or Treat. Pods have also been introduced as the newest update in Among Us, alongside Beans which can only be earned by activating Cosmicubes during the gameplay.

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Beans can also be used in exchange for Cosmicubes and once players have collected enough of them to trade them for Cosmicube, it gets activated only then. These Cosmicubes have entrapped cosmetic items. These items can only be unlocked by using Pods. Making Beans the primary source of earnings for gamers.

The game store of Among Us displays many items including Bundles, Cosmetic, and pets that players can use to customize their playing character. The store items have also been upgraded and these new items are in-game features that do not hamper the gameplay but rather make it fun for the players and fans to enjoy the enhanced gaming experience.

Pick up Cosmicubes with Beans (Image via Innersloth)

Once players activate the Cosmicubes in Among us, they will start collecting Pods and Beans side by side after the game tasks are finished. Based on the Cosmicube being activated using the Beans, the type of Pods also alters. Similar is the scenario with the Branching Paths enclosed in the Cosmiccube that includes Pets, hats, and skins.

Among Us, gameplay runs in a loop that makes it interesting and exciting. Giving extra opportunities to collect Bonus Beans after each match. These bonus earnings can only be made once players are experienced enough to level up in the game.

When the players elevate their game level, they will collect Bean and Pod double the earnings from that level. This extra collection would help them to approach their box more easily and quickly.

Stars are another premium version of Beans currency in the game that can only be earned in exchange for real-time money. Stars are the alternative currency item to purchase Cosmicubes in Among Us.

What Are Beans for in Among Us? [2022]

Another important note for players is that they have to play and finish an Among Us match, to earn these currency items in the form of Beans and Pods. If players forfeit before the game’s closure, they will be deprived of all the Beans and Pods currencies along with the experience. All of that would be seized and there is also a chance that the player would be issued with a server ban.

How Much Currency is Needed in Among Us Game?

The currency is highly dependent on the kind of item needed by the players, as it varies from item to item. For instance, to purchase two skins, two Beans are required.

What Are the Uses Of BEANS?" - Among Us New Role Update - YouTube

If a player wants to buy 77 hats, they have to spend 250 Beans to buy them. Further adding on, a Treat Cosmicube holds 27 items. So to buy a Treat Cosmicube costs 2,600 beans if the player wants to buy all the 27 enclosed items in it. It costs 3,000 beans to buy 48 items enclosed in the Polus Cosmicube.

How to Earn Beans in Among Us?

There are different ways to earn Beans in Among Us. The simplest one is to take the game to the end to earn beans. Among Us will offer players the rewarding currency regardless of their end game’s status as a winner or a loser. The rewarded Beans can then be used to purchase different in-game customizations to make it more fun and exciting.

How to Use Currency in Among Us Mobile?

The Among Us store is the only place where Beans can be used for purchasing different items. To make the in-store purchase following steps can be used:

Note: To purchase the required item from the Among Us Shop, players must have enough Beans required to make the exchange.

How to Make Exchange of Beans for Cosmicubes in Among Us?

Cosmicubes in the Among Us Shop can only be bought if players have enough Beans in their collection. But to make this trade Pods are also a very essential item. Follow the given guideline for buying Cosmicubes in Among Us:

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Note: Cosmicubes need to be activated after being bought from the Among Us Shop. Once you have spent the beans to buy the Cosmicubes, you can no longer use them.


Following are the frequently asked questions about Beans in Among Us:

Q1: Do I need to have Beans to trade for Cosmetic items in the Among Us Shop?

Ans: Beans are the Among Us currency needed to buy in-store items available in Among Us shop. To buy any Cosmetic item players need to have this currency depending upon the amount required to purchase as prices vary from item to item.

Q2: Why do I need Pods in Among Us?

Ans: Just like Beans, Pods are also an essential Among Us currency that is very important to activate the Cosmicube. After spending Beans to buy Cosmicubes, Pods is needed to activate the items within, otherwise, it cannot be done.

Q3: How many Beans are needed to buy a Treat Cosmicube in Among Us?

Ans: To buy a Treat Cosmicube 2,600 Beans are needed as this Cosmicube holds 27 items and to get them all 2,600 Beans will be needed.

Q4: What is the simplest way to earn Beans in Among Us?

Ans: The simplest way is to take the game to the finishing point. Regardless of your win or loss Beans will be rewarded which can be later on used to make purchases at the Among Us shop.


Among Us is a very unique yet very simple game, which is the very reason for its popularity. Based on Crewmates and Imposter, the gameplay runs around the Among Us map. With every game finished by the players, they earn in-game currency to upgrade their character’s customizations. These earnings are made in the form of Beans and Pods which are used in exchange for essential items like Cosmicubes. Another significant game currency is Star but it can only be collected by spending real-life money.