The Minecraft game fans know that Diamond Ores and Lapis Lazuli Ores are concomitant and the players are looking for a tip to go a mile forward this Lapis Diamond Trick is definitely a must-have. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide the players in learning this little trick that can elevate their chances to find rare and exquisite diamonds without investing much effort.

This guide will demonstrate the particular steps to be taken by players to explore diamonds in Minecraft using this Lapis Trick. Continue reading the steps to learn more about the trick.

Where Can Lapis Lazuli Be found in Minecraft?

Follow the following steps to find diamonds of exquisite quality in Minecraft:

lapis diamond trick

lapis diamond trick

Where to Dig for the Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft

Is It Possible That the Lapis Trick Does Not Work?

There are also some situations in which this Lapis trick does not give you the desired outcomes. Some of the possibilities for it to not work can be the following:


Following are the frequently asked questions about Lapis Diamond Trick and Minecraft:

Q1: Is it possible to find diamonds in Minecraft using Lapis Trick?

Ans: In Minecraft, experts have found his trick called Lapis Trick to track down Diamond Ores. This trick actually works if you follow the steps to dig around at the specific points on Y-level between -64 to 64.

Q2: Where to find the Lapis Lazuli Ores on Y-level in Minecraft?

Ans: Try looking for group of Lapis Lazuli Ores on the North side and from there move to the 4th block in the same direction to find the ores.

Q3: How can I know my location on the Y-Level?

Ans: To find your current location on Y-level to find the Ores, use the key F3 on the keyboard. It will open the location coordinates and you can locate yours from there.

Q4: How can I find the chunk borders while trying to find the digging location?

Ans: To find the borders of chunks, use the key combination of F3+G. It will highlight the borders of the chunks.

Q5: How can I know where is the North Direction on being Level-Y?

Ans: To know the North direction, use the shortcut key F3 from your keyboard. A blue arrow would appear on your screen pointing you in the North direction.

Q6: Where is the positive Z-axis on level Y in Minecraft?

Ans: While finding the North direction, when the shortcut key F3 is used, it highlights a blue arrow on the screen pointing in the North direction, which is the positive Z-axis.


The Lapis-Diamond tip works great to get access to a huge bulk of diamonds without putting in a lot of effort in bringing down the mines. That is also something players usually do not prefer while playing Minecraft. To use this tip, players only need to find the Lapis Lazuli Ores and begin digging down from the 4th block in the North to look for diamonds. Just in case the 4th block is lying on the side of the chunk, continue your count on that side. While digging just be sure not to dig down straight, rather follow a vertical staircase pattern to avoid any fall-down damage or diving into the Lava pool in other situation.