Technology has been revolutionizing electronic manufacturing and Bitlife has all that is needed to introduce new trends. From owning a vast ranch to becoming the most popular YouTuber, there is no field that Bitlife has left unattended. It won’t be wrong to call it a jack of all trades and that too successfully.

The game is quite diverse and versatile. You can commit the crimes of your desire but keep in mind that there are prisons too, you know why? Because where there is a crime there is a prison. These prison facilities in Bitlife are loaded with light, medium, and maximum-security measures. You could be jailed keeping in view the nature of your crime.

But there is no prisoner in this world who would not wish to break out of prison. And jailbreaks are one of the hardest acts in this world. Worry not, we got your back by providing you the much-needed secret jail maps for you to break out in case you got stuck in that hell hole.

How to Escape from Prison in Bitlife?

The security guard is standing alert to make two moves on each of your moves while making it hard for you to beat him. Beware that his every two moves will be taken in your direction, which limits your options and compels you to move with a plan B in mind. God forbid if the Guard catches your sorry soul while breaking free then a few more years of punishment will be added to your sentence.

Would it not be useful for you, if we tell you a trick to trick the guard? So, the real part is to edge the guard in the walls of the prison maze so that his moves are more and more limited while enabling you to move with greater freedom. The Bitlife jail will offer 3-sided boxes in which you can entangle him and you can wisely break out of the jail.

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

These are all the minimum and maximum prison map solutions for escaping in Bitlife.

1. 3×4 Prison Map

2. 3×5 Prison Map

3. 4×4  Prison Map

4. 4×4 Prison Map 2

5. 4×4 Prison Map 3

6. 5×4 Prison Map

7. 5×5 Prison Map

8. 5×6 Prison Map

9. 5×7 Prison Map

10. 5×7 Prison Map 2

11. 6×5 Prison Map

12. 6×6 Prison Map

13. 6×6 Prison Map 2

14. 7×4 Prison Map

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

The maximum-security level of the jail is the most difficult task to date. But you will end up here only if you commit any high-degree crime such as attempted murder or a full murder.

1. 8×7 Prison Map Layout

2. 8×8 Prison  Map Layout

3. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

4. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

5. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

6. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

7. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

8. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

9. 8×8 Prison Map Layout

So that was all to how to escape from the Bitlife Jail life.