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AddOns or also known as UIs/Mods are a bunch of codes developed by the fans to enhance the interface in several ways. Qnnit is offering some of the Top 8 Best WoW Addons (2024) for your kind information. To further elaborate on this matter, we would like to explain by sharing an example. For an instance, if you look at World of Warcraft (WoW), its interface could be poor sometimes and to enhance this poor quality, you might need to use WoW Addons. We should also be thankful to the WoW community for always helping us out in such difficult situations by creating and providing add-ons.

The communities and players have created thousands and thousands of add-ons but there are some better than others. But how to know which one to choose out of these thousands of add-ons? Worry not, because we have got your back by offering you a list of top WoW Addons. You can also follow Handy Notes to acquire the desired results as they always provide notes regarding encounters, treasures, and rares. These notes have the capability to save you hassle and time. You can use several add-ons to make your nominal tasks much easier. We are enlisting some of the most popular WoW Addons. But before there is something important for you to know.

Bets Addons for WoW Shadowlands

Have you any idea how to install WoW Addons? If not then stay here to know the most important part of your tension-free gameplay. You can use the addon manager to install the WoW addons. Talking about add-ons managers, WoWUp is in working conditions, but you cannot use curse forge for downloading or installing wow addons. You can also install add-ons without using the software. All you have to do is download the wow addon in a zip form, unzip the file, and drop it into the Addon folder, which is located in your World of Warcraft installation.

WoW Shadowlands

First, get to know how to install the add-ons. The most simple way is via the “CurseForge app” and “Overwolf Client”. You can download and use both of the software. Keep in mind that whatever you get from CurseForge is 100% guaranteed. Any other source may contain malware. We are offering a thorough guide to downloading WoW Addons:

We will keep you updated whenever the developers share new wow addons. Be sure to keep visiting us to remain updated with the latest and useful add-ons. You may also remove any unwanted add-ons.

Top 8 Best WoW Addons (2024)

Following are the top add-ons for making the user interface extraordinarily better for your enhanced gameplay:

Deadly Boss Mods

If you are looking for the best PvE content then boss mods are going to make your experience even better. It does not matter whether you are carrying out raids or Mythic+. Boss fights are quite hard so having a better user interface could turn the tables from miserable defeat to honorable victory.

Basically, Deadly Boss Mods will assist you through tough boss fights by letting you what to do and when to do it. Who wouldn’t love an extra hand when the fight is getting tough or you are on the losing side? The Boss Mods allow you to accomplish tasks in a better manner for better coordination, better character placement, or planning of cooldown usage.

Deadly Boss Mods

You will clearly witness that Deadly Boss Mods works pretty well. All you have to do is work out some settings that suit you better and see the magic happen. Ensure to utilize the Boss Addons before handling any tough content. Or in another case, your group will abandon you mercilessly. So, it is pertinent to mention that addons are quite important for your individual performance along with your group`s. you will be able to track down several key metrics including debuffs used, healings, damage handled by players, and more. All these features are offered in a user-friendly interface.


So far, competitive players are loving this add-on to stack up their stats more than ever. You can also click the name of a gamer to assess their performance in a great deal of detail such as the number of interruptions, highly damaging spells, share data with your group, and much more.


Some players would agree that the standard User-Interface of WoW is quite miserable and lacks luster. An exclusive window per bag is mandatory and searching for items could be a pretty daunting task. Now, here comes the useful Bagnon to manage your inventory light like a feather and time efficiently. The best part about Bagnon is that it transforms your bag and bank into a huge window. You can also set sorting out features as it suits you the best to save time and enhance visuals.


There are many other features having the ability to check the banks of all alts on one character. This means that you might never have to spend your finances on crafting the desired materials. You would be glad to know that Gathermate 2 is also ranked among the top WoW add-ons for all collectors. The spawn points are not random, which are certainly coded in the game. The use of GatherMate 2 is that it meticulously removes the requirements of circling a zone to seek materials again and again. As you might know that it populates the spawn centres on your map.


You are enabled to set the add-ons to only register a node once you have mined or picked. You can also download the data of other players for adding common spawns. You can also apply filters so that only useful nodes appear on your map.


ElvUI is indeed a true powerhouse to customize your interface for better gameplay. While talking about User Interface the add-ons prove to be an awesome addition in the modern era. So if you cannot tolerate the standard UI of WoW then an extra hand from ElvUI could prove to be useful.

The ElvUI allows you to keep your screen neat and clean without many tabs or thumbnails. You may change the bag interface to debuff displays or action bars to nameplates. You can also watch some youtube videos to check out more information about ElvUI.

Weak Auras

Some players might it difficult to get used to the Weak Auras add-ons due to their complexity. But, once you do, then you will be playing with this add-on. The ease of presentable information via utilizing this add-on is made easy for gamers including debuffs, buffs, energy meters, cooldowns, and cast times. You can also use the help of several set-ups for rotation while letting you know what to place in order with prioritizing.

Weak Auras

The gamers will be glad to know that with help of data from other players, you can make Weak Auras less complex. This way you will get on with the add-on fairly quickly. During the research, you will come across many templates designed and being used by dedicated players for their ease.

Bartender 4

Some players might be disappointed because Blizzard has done a very bad job to update WoW`s user interface since the release of the game. Even Bartender 4 has not done much but just convert the old-fashioned action bars and enable you to rearrange and set up only 10 action bars.

Bartender 4

You are also allowed in the Bartender 4 to control the appearance of your action bars, size, transparency, and position of the action bars on your screen. You may also switch between several action bars smoothly. Additionally, optimizing the bars is also allowed whether you are crafting, raiding, PvP, or running Mythic+.

All the Things Add-ons

If you are a professional collector then the “All the Things” add-on is indeed made for your convenience. This will assist you to achieve 100% in the WoW via tracking your Monuts, toys, titles, appearances, and much more. Furthermore, the All the Things addon offers a lot more than you might imagine about bosses to be defeated, achievements, and useful information about your desired quests. Some might also say this is the best addon in a wholesome picture.



This is one of the simplest WoW addons made for only one purpose to bark at you when you are standing in something where you should not be. This is a highly useful addon to fight a hectic boss while standing on fire with a warning tone.

Best WoW addons 2022: The Auctioneer mod menu, displaying its simplified auction posting interface with te typical starting price and buyout price, along with options to undercut competitors.

GTFO is a lightweight shortcut to play in a smart way and ace the game. This is mainly an audio addon, but visual warnings are made possible with the integration with Weak Auras.


There are several add-ons to heal and manage the damage with the help of “Details”. This mod helps you track your damage or healing output, which is based on the spells that you cast. This addon allows you to check out the spells that other players cast. You would also be able to see segments such as single-boss fights.

Best WoW addons 2022: The GTFO mod displaying an alert while standing in green goo that deals damage over time.

Other famous yet useful add-ons include:

WoW Addons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the most asked frequently asked questions:

Q1: What are WoW Addons?

Ans. AddOns are usually a collection of XML/Lua code that augment, modify, or replace the WoW default UI.

Q2: What are classic WoW add-ons?

Ans. The classic World of Warcraft add-ons is created by several gamers or entities to enhance the user interface. Some Following are 8 must-have add-ons regarding WoW classic:

Q3: How to Install WoW Addons?

Ans. You can install addons wow by following these steps:

Q4: How to update WoW Addons?

Ans. You can update Addons WoW by following these steps:

Q5: How to add add-ons in WoW?

Ans. You can add add-ons to WoW by following the below-mentioned steps:

Q6: What is the best addon for WoW?

Ans. Different players might have different opinions, but many consider All the Things as the best WoW addon.

Q7: Where is the best to get WoW AddOns?

Ans. Following are some of the best options:


These were the top 8 Best WoW Addons (2024) offered to provide you with nothing less than effective information. You can also visit Qnnit to gain further information about add-ons such as Dead by Deadlight – Cheat Codes. The wow addons will make your life much easier such as accomplishing quests and trading.

The best World of Warcraft AddOns is not just aimed at aggressive raiders but also newbies. With so many choices it’s not easy to choose the right ones to enhance your user interface. So, these were the best WoW addons to use in 2024.